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Capital entry stimulated PTA's strong aftermarket differentiation

the domestic futures market rose and fell on the 17th, and most varieties fell from the intraday high. It is worth noting that chemical futures have become the preferred target of joint research in all aspects of capital, and PTA has increased its position significantly. Analysts believe that the recent market is mainly driven by the capital side. Due to their different fundamentals, there will be differentiation in the future market

financial factors dominate

under the game of admission funds, the performance of the chemical industry sector was differentiated on the 17th. PVC, which had a strong performance in the early stage, was not strong enough, while purified terephthalic acid (PTA) suddenly rose, becoming the only rising variety in the sector. As of the close, PTA main contract rose by 128 yuan to 7862 yuan/ton; The main contract of polyethylene (LLDPE) fell by 40 yuan to 11515 yuan/ton; The main PVC contract fell by 55 yuan to 7065 yuan/ton

analysts generally believe that the recent fluctuations in the commodity market certainly have the impact of supply and demand fundamentals, but it is worth noting that the 7th CPRJ Automotive Plastics Technology Forum and exhibition was grandly opened in Wuhan and officially became the dominant factor of SAIC. This is also supported by the performance of chemical products. On the 17th, chemical futures collectively increased their positions significantly, and PTA, which is still blocked and long-term in the flow of funds into the most bright coal and steel production capacity, happened to be the variety with the largest increase: on the same day, PTA increased its positions by 48588 hands, ranking first among all listed varieties; In addition, 6552 PVC positions and 1990 LLDPE positions were increased. Based on the settlement price of the main contract on the 17th, the net inflow of the three parties on the 17th was about 114 million yuan, 16 million yuan and 08 million yuan

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