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The adjustment goal of commercial printing and packaging printing

printing industry authorities believe that the current household appliances of commercial printing and packaging printing are related to the well-being of tens of thousands of families. The adjustment goal is: the popularization and application of prepress technology, the application of color desktop system, some drawing a variety of curves and printing experimental reports, and large and medium-sized printing enterprises adopt direct plate making system to realize prepress digitization and networking; Lithographic offset printing accounts for 45% of the printing technology, gravure printing accounts for less than 20%, flexographic printing accounts for 35%, and other printing methods account for 5%; Printing products should focus on the development of medium and high-grade, diversified and multicolor; We should actively develop green packaging and printing that meets the requirements of environmental protection and is pollution-free

paper products printing should focus on developing high-grade cartons and cartons with low gram weight, high strength and light weight, and promote the application of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (cad/cam) system for cleaning cartons of packaging paper, so as to make cartons develop into gifts, high-grade and colorful

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