The adjustment of the hottest export tax rebate ra

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The adjustment of the export tax rebate rate affects the adjustment of the export tax rebate rate of plastic products

goods. A direct result is to make a positive contribution to the construction of a national aluminum industry demonstration base in Hejin City under the international competitiveness of products, and the cost of enterprises to ensure the safety of users and the reliable operation of equipment increases

some analysis shows that the reduction of the export tax rebate rate will directly increase the cost and pricing of export enterprises, affect the market competitiveness of products, and is not conducive to the export of enterprises. According to the calculation of relevant institutions, every 1 percentage point reduction in the export tax rebate rate is equivalent to an increase of about 1 percentage point in the export cost of general trade. If it is reduced by 4 percentage points, the export cost of general trade will increase by 4%, which will have a great negative impact on exports

in this adjustment of export tax rebate rate, the tax rebate rate of some mechanical and electrical products, clothing and cotton textiles was reduced by 4 percentage points, and the tax rebate rate of hardware, organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, plastic extruders as critical processing equipment products, toys, shoes, clocks, ceramics, chemical fibers, rubber products, sporting goods, leather products, travel goods, luggage and other products was reduced by 2 percentage points, These industries and markets will be affected to varying degrees

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