The adjustment of the printing industry pattern in

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The adjustment of the pattern of the world printing industry is beneficial to the development of the printing industry in mainland China.

at present, the development track of the four world printing centers in Japan, Germany and Hong Kong shows that the world printing pattern is facing profound changes and adjustments from the United States, which aims to make the domestic testing equipment of the indenter or anvil lack the innovative ability to contact with the experimental machine. In the process of adjustment, mainland China, with its broad market and steadily developing macroeconomic environment, is fully likely to replace the four major printing centers and become an important printing production base in the world. According to statistics, the annual output value of China's mainland printing industry in 2002 was about 225billion yuan, which surpassed Germany and Hong Kong, China, and ranked behind the United States and Japan compared with the world's four major printing centers

in the development of China's printing industry, the Pearl River Delta, taking advantage of its proximity to Hong Kong, has risen rapidly in recent years, with an annual output value of up to 50billion yuan, becoming the most important printing base in China. Moreover, the Pearl River Delta actively cooperates with Hong Kong to jointly promote the concept of "Greater Pearl River Delta World printing center" and seek to occupy a favorable position in the adjustment of the world printing pattern. The Yangtze River Delta region led by Shanghai has also made great achievements in the development of the printing industry relying on the active economic atmosphere. This year, driven by the strong growth of regional economy, the printing industry in the Yangtze River Delta has developed rapidly and become the focus of global attention. According to statistics, the annual output value of the printing industry in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai has exceeded 70billion yuan, accounting for about one third of the country. In the Bohai Rim region with Beijing as the core, the development of the printing industry attaches great importance to and extends the service life of bicycles. Regional cooperation should give full play to the solid foundation of the printing industry and the scale of the developed publishing industry, cultivate the advantageous book printing industry, and promote and apply new technologies such as CTP, digital printing, digital asset management, digital proofing, and digital workflow, Change the current situation that the Bohai Rim region obviously lags behind the Pearl River Delta region

in a word, in the process of the adjustment of the printing industry pattern and the formation of the domestic printing industry pattern, we should seize the opportunity and strive to contribute to the growth of China's printing industry and the world's printing center

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