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The adjustment of subsidies for new energy vehicles forces the upgrading of technology, and hydrogen power has become the development direction. According to the voice of economics, the world finance and economics, on the eve of the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments jointly issued a notice on the impact of energy as the result of our measurement, adjusting the subsidy policies for new energy vehicles to encourage the application of high-performance power batteries. The change of policy has gradually reduced the growth rate of resources, real estate, automobile and other industries in the market, strengthened the role of optimal allocation, and forced technological upgrading. Where is the next outlet for the development of new energy vehicles in 2018

new energy vehicles achieved remarkable results last year, and now they are beginning to return to the market.

the report card of China's new energy vehicle industry in 2017 is brilliant. Data show that from January to December last year, China's production and sales of new energy vehicles were 794000 and 777000 respectively, with a year-on-year increase of more than 50%. It is noteworthy that these two data have ranked first in the world for three consecutive years

in fact, in recent years, measures from the national to local levels, including high subsidies and no restrictions on new energy vehicles on the road, have promoted the sales of new energy vehicles. However, after the market cultivation stage, China's new energy vehicles began to return to the market development track. The decline of new energy subsidies since last year is a policy concession. Shen Jinjun, President of China Automobile Circulation Association, said that the gradual decline of subsidies will become an important turning point for the new energy vehicle industry to move towards marketization

Shen Jinjun said that the government should slowly retreat, give play to the market rules and market mechanisms, and eliminate the fittest; If we always rely on policies, this market will not be cultivated

on the eve of the lunar new year, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments once again adjusted the subsidies for new energy vehicles: the threshold requirements for the energy density of the battery system of new energy vehicles will be raised, and the application of high-performance power batteries will be encouraged. The policy transition period will be on June 11 this year. During this period, new energy passenger vehicles and new energy buses licensed will be subsidized by 0.7 times the previous corresponding standard, new energy trucks and special vehicles will be subsidized by 0.4 times, and the subsidy standard for fuel cell vehicles will remain unchanged

the policy adjustment coincides with the needs of industrial development, and also releases a signal: facing the upcoming reshuffle, technological upgrading has become the only choice and way out. The core of new energy vehicles is the "power" to replace gasoline. On the one hand, large battery capacity and long mileage will become a barrier that cannot be bypassed. Globally, this is also a trend. The latest news shows that Toyota has begun to develop a new high-capacity battery pack system, which is expected to solve the problem of recycling and reusing used batteries in new energy vehicles

hydrogen powered vehicles have become the development direction of new energy vehicles, and the range has become its biggest advantage

in addition, it is worth noting that after lithium batteries, a new energy hydrogen powered vehicle is becoming one of the development directions of new energy vehicles

liuzhixiang, vice president of Guangdong Foshan Institute of hydrogen industry and new materials development, said: "strictly speaking, hydrogen energy vehicles should be called vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel. From the technical path, they should be divided into two categories: one is directly driven by hydrogen combustion as energy, and the other is driven by chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, which is what we call hydrogen fuel cell vehicles."

the endurance mileage is comparable to that of traditional fuel vehicles, which has become the biggest advantage of hydrogen energy vehicles. At the same time, the time for speeding up product upgrading is also equivalent to that of traditional fuel vehicles, and only water is produced during driving, which is completely energy-saving and environmental friendly. It is understood that at present, hydrogen powered vehicles have been offline into the domestic market, and there is still great room for the development of independent brands in this regard

of course, in the process of brand upgrading, the performance of China's new energy vehicles last year is also commendable. Among them, we have to mention the smart electric vehicle velai es8 benchmarked to Tesla. Last year, es8 went public, which exploded all kinds of social networks and attracted Internet bosses including Liu qiangdong, Yu Minhong, Lei Jun, Ma Huateng, etc

Li Bin, the founder of Weilai automobile, even said, "there will be no foreign brands in the field of intelligent electric vehicles in the future, without their opportunities. Because intelligent electric vehicles rely more on localized infrastructure, localized data, and localized application scenarios, I don't think an American company can know what it is like to charge in China."

with the national torch graphene and advanced carbon material characteristic industrial base, Shandong graphene demonstration base and a batch of graphene industry pilot areas and demonstration areas as the carrier

high level has become the driving force of new energy vehicles. This year's sales target is 1million vehicles

es8 has another meaning, that is, low-level repetition is no longer meaningful, which can also be seen from this policy adjustment, Higher level and performance is one of the driving points in the field of new energy vehicles in China in the future. In 2018, the sales target of new energy vehicles is 1million, which will bring a large number of new energy vehicles to the market. Under the guidance of policy, the survival of the fittest is inevitable. However, the right way to develop new energy vehicles is to make the market full of competition and return products to nature. As Qiu Kaijun, an electric vehicle observer, said, "now new energy vehicles have formed a very strong inertia and momentum. The momentum of the whole new energy vehicles, technological progress, and social investment and recognition have been relatively sufficient. Therefore, the whole new energy vehicle market in 2018 should still grow faster than that in 2017, perhaps about 40%

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