The hottest toluene Market in Asia Pacific

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Asia Pacific toluene Market

boosted by the sharp rise in crude oil prices, the spot price of toluene in Asia in this period climbed to a six-month high of US $760 ~ 765/ton (FOB, South Korea). The solution of May crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Thursday: the price broke through US $67 per barrel because Iran and Nigeria must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, as well as the supply problem in Nigeria and the decline in gasoline inventories were greater than expected. Due to the implementation of new fuel standards by the U.S. Department of energy, the market is worried that the U.S. gasoline supply may be difficult to meet, but many landfills do not have the burning capacity to meet the strong demand in summer. At that time, it is necessary to check whether the experimental machine has activated the limit protection device. The fuel standard requires that refiners are not allowed to produce MTBE blended gasoline. The new standard has helped boost the price of toluene in the United States. Northeast Asia: the quotation of the shipment in May is US $740 ~ 765/ton (FOB, South Korea), and the buyer's intended price is US $735 ~ 760/ton. Affected by tight supply, China's import demand has increased. At present, the supply in Asia is tight, partly because a large number of devices in South Korea and Japan were overhauled in the second quarter. In China's domestic market, tight supply has pushed the price of imported goods in South China to rise to 8000-8100 yuan/ton, and the price in East China to rise to 7850 yuan/ton

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