Best to overcome lignite ignition problems in coal

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Solve the problem of lignite ignition in coal-fired power generation industry recently, aerospace Shenjie (Ningxia) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., subordinate to the 12th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, successfully completed the research and test of high moisture, low calorific value lignite plasma ignition oil-free power plant, and solved the problem of lignite oil-free ignition in coal-fired power generation industry

lignite has the characteristics of high moisture content, low calorific value, load displacement of ash, and load. Research in this field has also been carried out in China, trial time, displacement time, high stress-strain content, and high volatile content. It is difficult to ignite and burn using the existing domestic plasma ignition device. Most lignite power plants basically adopt heavy oil ignition, which not only consumes resources, but also causes serious environmental pollution. Even if some power plants adopt micro oil ignition with more advanced technology, they still cannot get rid of the problems of high cost and heavy pollution

for this reason, guojingchao, Secretary of the Party committee of the 12th Academy of Astronautics, personally led the establishment of a special project team to transform the ignition test bench according to the 1:1 structural size of the boiler burner of the 660 MW unit of shenhuabei Shengli Power Plant, and the air powder pipeline also met the test requirements of full-scale working conditions. The optimized system technology of "Twelve phase rectification +igbt modulated power supply plasma ignition and combustion stabilization device" has been optimized, especially for the characteristics of lignite with high moisture and low calorific value. According to the research and test scheme, the ignition test operation under various working conditions has been carried out

the total moisture of lignite raw coal used in this test is 33.6%. How should the manufacturer of spring testing machine choose? Next, our technicians tell you that the moisture content of air drying basis is 17.36%. The test and acceptance process takes a total of 8 hours, and the lignite is in good ignition condition during the process. The third-party appraisal organization believes that the system operates stably and reliably, the lignite primary air powder ignites rapidly, the ignition flame is bright, and the test results are very good

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