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Toluene Market analysis this week and prediction next week

the domestic toluene market is slowly declining

the toluene Market in East China was weak last week. As of last Friday, the local mainstream transaction level of toluene fell to yuan/ton (out of the tank in Zhangjiagang). The market maintains a wait-and-see attitude. At the opening of this week, confidence in the domestic toluene market was restored, and some conductive materials were transparent. The trading atmosphere was slightly improved, and a variety of plastics were available. As of this Wednesday, China has released the resource value effect to the greatest extent, often encountering the phenomenon of good and bad instrument operation. The closing price of toluene in the eastern region is 7860 yuan/ton (Zhangjiagang tank). Traders hold a wait-and-see attitude, and the transaction atmosphere is general

aftermarket analysis: the steady rise of toluene in the external market has a positive boost to the mentality of the domestic market. At present, the spot of toluene in the East China market is gradually increasing, which will have a certain downward pressure on the market supply. Due to the unstable mentality of most traders, it is expected that the atmosphere of the domestic toluene market will weaken in the future, and the price will maintain the consolidation trend

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