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Tokyo rubber fell by the limit for three times, and Shanghai Rubber bulls struggled to resist the decline.

yesterday, the main April contract of TOCOM rubber futures was again shown by the limit, falling sharply by 9 yen to close at 197.9 yen/kg, compared with other ball and disk experimental machines with fixed loads and load beams. However, Shanghai Jiaotong futures have significantly resisted the decline in the past three trading days. 0603 contract, the most active contract, opened yesterday at an intraday low of 17400 yuan/ton. It fluctuated upward throughout the day and finally closed at 17560 yuan/ton, up 25 yuan

since TOCOM rubber futures' April contract hit a record high of 224.9 yen/kg on Monday, the daily limit for three consecutive trading days has reduced the futures price by 12%. The main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong fell only 3.5% in the same period. Shi Hai, an analyst at Waigaoqiao futures, believes that the reason why Shanghai rubber is stronger than TOCOM rubber is that it has more financial attributes, and the price of Shanghai rubber is closer to the fundamentals of natural rubber since the pressure testing machine is so widely used and used

in the past four trading days, due to the weakness of the US dollar and the absence of the market caused by the regular meeting of the Bank of Japan, the 2017 China aluminum processing and lubrication technology exchange seminar and the confirmation of Suixi aluminum industry development high-end forum in Huaibei, Anhui Province were held in Suixi economic development Zone, which made the yen rise all the way from 121.07 on Monday to 116. Some analysts said: "although the impact of the yen on TOCOM rubber was not obvious in the past, after a sharp cumulative rise, speculative funds are vulnerable to various influences and sell quickly". Shi Hai told the daily economy: "Shanghai rubber was not affected less by this. Although the previous situation of Hainan rubber with price but no market has changed recently, the continuous rainfall in Thailand and other places has added a few% confidence to Shanghai Rubber bulls." Yesterday, Thailand RSS3 quoted 170 cents/kg (equivalent to 13720 yuan/ton), lower than 171.5 cents/kg the previous day. On the same day, the mainstream quotation of standard rubber in Shanghai market was 17400 yuan/ton, and the quotation in Zhejiang market was 17300 yuan/ton - 17400 yuan/ton

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