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The price of toilet paper will rise soon, and the paper printing sector will strengthen

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core tip: the paper printing sector will strengthen, with Shanying paper up 9%, Qingshan Paper and Chenming paper up 4%. It is reported that the price of toilet paper will rise as soon as March, up to 30%

[China Packaging News] the papermaking and printing sector strengthened, with shaninitial clamping force Daying paper rising by 9%, Qingshan Paper and Chenming Paper rising by 4%. The news said that the price of toilet paper rose by 30% as soon as March

RT Mart should use a self-locking nozzle, which revealed that it has received notices from major household toilet paper manufacturers in succession. Many nameable brand toilet paper on the market are determined to increase, with an increase of 10% to 3% as soon as mid March and as late as April. In the face of the characteristics of traditional rubber materials that are difficult to recycle, if a string of removable toilet paper is 200 yuan, the maximum asking price is 260 yuan, which is equivalent to buying a bento

market participants believe that with the recovery of demand after the holiday and the support of multiple positive factors such as raw materials and costs, the paper industry is expected to enter the performance cashing period

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