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State power issued key tasks for 2020: ensure that the utilization rate of wind power and photovoltaic power generation reaches more than 95%

recently, state power issued a notice on the company's key tasks for 2020. The document requires that new energy be well served and consumed by optimizing the scale and layout of new installed capacity and strengthening target assessment, so as to ensure that the utilization rate of wind power and photovoltaic power generation reaches more than 95%

the key work tasks of national household appliances Co., Ltd. in 2020

first, fully implement the major decisions and arrangements of the central government

(I) spare no effort to do a good job in the prevention and control of pneumonia infected by covid-19

(II) helping to win the battle against poverty

1. In the first half of the year, we fully completed the construction of electricity in deep poverty-stricken areas in three districts and two prefectures and villages on the border

2. Do a good job in photovoltaic poverty alleviation, relocation poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation and power security, and complete the tasks of targeted poverty alleviation of the company and poverty alleviation points of various units

3. Implement rural electrification upgrading projects and create a number of projects to benefit farmers and enrich the people

(III) unremitting service pollution prevention and control

1. By optimizing the scale and layout of new installed capacity, strengthening target assessment and other measures, we will do a good job in new energy, service and consumption, and ensure that the utilization rate of wind power and photovoltaic power generation reaches more than 95%

2. We will scientifically and orderly promote the conversion of coal to electricity for clean heating, and carry out in-depth clean substitution of coal-fired captive power plants

3. We will actively promote the construction of shore power for key ports along the Yangtze River

(IV) service regional coordinated development strategy

1. Actively promote the implementation of measures such as the regional integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

2. Construction of xiongan 500kV xiongdong substation and 220kV transmission project started. Complete the construction of supporting power projects for the Winter Olympics and strive to complete the alilian project by the end of the year

3. Do a good job in the supporting power supply of Sichuan Tibet Yilu

4. Complete the second batch of border defense forces' power on tasks on schedule

5. Connect the pilot work of comprehensive reform of Shanxi energy revolution

(V) continue to optimize the power business environment

1. Conscientiously implement the national regulations on optimizing the business environment, promote the experience of Beijing and Shanghai in online power and electronic contracts, and implement the sunshine industry expansion to improve customer satisfaction. Then strictly implement the newly revised ten promises of power supply service and the ten prohibitions of employee service

2. Implement the national price reduction plan, and actively assist in cleaning up and standardizing the price increase of power transfer

3. Strengthen information disclosure and actively respond to social concerns

4. During the year, the construction of provincial marketing service center was completed, the integration of specialized front-end marketing and distribution was strengthened, and qualified comprehensive services were promoted in city and county companies

II. Fully ensure the safe and stable operation of electricity

(VI) ensure the safety of large electricity

1. Publicize and implement the new version of the guidelines for the safety and stability of power systems, scientifically arrange the operation mode and maintenance plan, continue to consolidate the three lines of defense, and effectively prevent and control the risks of UHV multi DC feeding, remote power intensive transmission, large-scale and high-proportion access to new energy, etc

2. Strengthen hub substations (converter stations) and important repatriation operation and maintenance, and implement safety risk prevention and control measures for UHV transformers

3. Complete the renovation of MR and ABB tap changers. We will solidly promote the upgrading and transformation of UHV converter stations

4. Complete the troubleshooting of hidden dangers of ABB goe bushing of AC transformer, and carry out special actions to prevent DC lockout

5. Improve the emergency plan, carry out training exercises on a regular basis, and improve the actual combat ability. Ensure power supply for major activities such as the national two sessions and the third China International Fair

(VII) strengthen on-site safety control

1. Strengthen the construction of safety supervision system, carry out safety inspections, and implement a working mechanism in which remote monitoring and on-site supervision complement each other

2. Implement the equipment ownership system, optimize the operation and maintenance mode of substation territory according to local conditions, implement centralized monitoring of substation, highlight the technical supervision of the first set of equipment, and deepen the professional application of physical ID

3. We will strengthen personnel management in labor subcontracting and business outsourcing, implement the real name system, and strictly control on-site access

4. Organize and carry out special safety management activities on the operation site of the provincial industry and the construction enterprise capacity standardization construction activities, and comprehensively improve the support and guarantee ability of the provincial industry units for the company's power construction, operation and maintenance and emergency response

(VIII) grasp the basic management of safety

1. Implement the safety list of leaders who have double responsibilities and ensure the synchronous accuracy of transmission, carry out safety grade evaluation, and strengthen safety education and training

2. Adapt to the development of technology and equipment, and revise relevant regulations and systems

3. Implement the newly revised regulations on rewards and punishments for safety work, increase the inclination of special safety awards to the grass-roots level, and the proportion of rewards for front-line production personnel shall not be less than 70%; Raise the level of punishment for repeated and bad safety incidents

4. Carrying out network safety protection can promote the full coverage of substation network safety monitoring devices

III. fully promote the development of high-quality electricity

(IX) promote the construction of key projects

1. During the year, Nanyang Jingmen Changsha, Nanchang Changsha, Jingmen Wuhan, Zhumadian Wuhan, Wuhan Nanchang UHV AC, Baihetan Jiangsu Baihetan Zhejiang UHV DC and other projects were approved, and the preliminary work of Fujian Guangdong Union, East Beijing, North Shanxi, Central Shanxi, Wuhu UHV substation expansion, Sichuan Tibet Railway supporting and other electrical projects was accelerated

2. The construction of baihenan Jiangsu UHV DC and central China UHV AC ring projects was commenced. Qinghai Henan UHV DC project, Zhangbei flexible DC project, mengbai Jinzhong, Zhumadian Nanyang, Zhangbei xiong'an, Changzhi station supporting power plant transmission and other UHV AC projects have been completed with high quality and efficiency. Yazhong ~ Jiangxi, Shanbei ~ Wuhan UHV direct line project has completed the scheduled milestone plan

3. Continuously improve the utilization efficiency of UHVDC to ensure more than 4000 hours

4. During the year, Anhui Jixi pumped storage power station produced 4 units and Fengman 3 units, and Shanxi Yuanyou pumped storage power station project was newly started

(x) strengthen the construction and transformation of power distribution

1. Coordinate the development stage, affordability and actual needs of various regions, and formulate planning objectives, technical principles and construction standards in a differentiated manner

2. We will strengthen power construction in central cities and urban agglomerations and improve their comprehensive carrying capacity. Establish the power distribution planning system of county companies in the city, and strengthen the evaluation analysis and result application

3. Promote the construction of a new generation of distribution automation master station

(XI) improve the quality of power construction

1. Adhere to the optimal life cycle cost, pay close attention to the whole process quality control, implement the lifelong measurement system, and create high-quality projects. Such as strengthening design quality management and strictly implementing construction standards and regulations. Deepen the professional application of digital infrastructure, promote modular construction and mechanized construction, strictly implement the standard process, and effectively ensure the construction quality

2. Appropriately improve the level of equipment grade, simplify the number of suppliers and types of equipment, and select equipment with high reliability and mature technology

3. Adhere to the problem orientation and goal orientation, systematically summarize the experience of UHV construction and operation, rely on the joint research of engineering, industry, University and research, break through the key neck technology, promote the quality improvement of UHV converter transformer, create an upgraded model project of UHV transmission in the new era, and comprehensively improve the safety, reliability, life-cycle efficiency and standardization level

(XII) iteratively improve the top-level design. We will deepen research on theories, technologies, standards and benefit systems, and carry out pilot demonstrations in accordance with local conditions. Establish a verification and evaluation mechanism for pilot projects, do a good job in summarizing, refining, popularizing and applying advanced achievements and experience, resolutely stop projects that do not have obvious benefits of technology input and output, and strictly prevent inefficient technology and capital and the generation of new chimneys

(XIII) continuous pragmatic foundation support

1. Build a national cloud and data center to realize data sharing and convenient application. Accelerate the formulation of the company's data development strategy, establish data management standards and norms, and carry out data governance and Value Mining on a regular basis

2. Implement the new standards for communication construction, and complete the expansion construction of OTN network and the optimization and transformation of local and municipal transmission

3. We will continue to carry out information system slimming, clean up offline zombie systems, promote the integration of mobile applications, improve the practical level, and prevent the adverse tendency of emphasizing construction and neglecting application

(XIV) construction and operation of energized power

1. We will initially build a middle platform for power resources and customer service business, and build a unified management platform

2. Optimize and improve the operation and distribution channels, tap the non metering functions of smart meters, expand the business applications such as different fixtures for different performance experiments, information analysis to the home, and accelerate the construction of the marketing 2.0 pilot

(XV) promote platform + ecological construction

1. Focus on the energy interconnection industry chain, expand the platform business, and accelerate the formation of products, services and business models with market competition

2. Promote the coordinated interaction between source, load and storage, and improve the capacity of load regulation. Deepen the professional application of the new generation of power dispatching

3. Optimize the application service functions of shangguo and other platforms, continue to improve customer experience and enhance customer stickiness

4. Strengthen the comprehensive application of power on and line loss in the same period, improve the statistical label system of key indicators of the company's development and operation, and deepen the research and application of sg0c power boom index. Complete the promotion and application of new energy cloud. Accelerate the construction project management business

5. Strengthen the linkage between attack and enterprise, expand emerging businesses in combination with the construction of a new smart city, and build an energy big data center according to local conditions

fifth, make every effort to promote the reform

(XVI) thoroughly implement the deployment of power reform

1. Carry out research on the top-level design of the national unified power market, and put forward the construction plan and implementation path

2. We will promote the independent and standardized operation of trading institutions and fully complete the shareholding reform of provincial trading institutions

3 realize the trial operation of the inter provincial spot market and the long-term settlement operation of six spot pilot units, and strive to start the trial operation within the year if qualified non pilot units

4 actively support the implementation of incremental distribution pilot projects

(XVII) comprehensively implement the task of state-owned enterprise reform

1. We will further promote the pilot work of the comprehensive reform of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the national development and Reform Commission for the mixed reform of two hundred enterprises

2. In accordance with the construction standards of the SASAC, the world's advanced level should be benchmarked, and the construction of world-class demonstration enterprises should be promoted in an all-round way

3. Strive to complete the work of introducing social capital into Qinghai Henan UHV power supply by installing air switches and leakage protection devices, and promote the introduction of social capital into Baihetan Zhejiang UHV DC project

4. We will do a good job in introducing diversified capital for electric vehicles, Guokang group, TONGHANG company, Yingda property insurance and Yingda life insurance, complete the listing of the first batch of financial assets, and strive to complete the initial listing of the national intelligent science and technology innovation board. Research and promote chip and location-based services. Big data credit reporting and other businesses introduce strategic investors

5. Select some construction units to pilot and promote equity diversification

6. Select pumped storage projects to carry out preliminary work, introduce external investment, and promote the diversification of ownership

7. Complete the reform of provincial industrial units by the end of September, and establish a provincial, prefecture (city) capital paper Gang relationship. Basically achieve the goal of setting up a sub investor. We will continue to slim down and keep fit, and speed up the treatment of non core business enterprises. Optimize and improve the provincial industrial supervision and management system

8. Enemy friendly retiree Society

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