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Guoloudi power supply company replaced the transformer to prepare for the Spring Festival power supply

"a little higher, a little higher, a little to the right, you can start lifting." On January 7, at the construction site of the 35kV vukou substation, 23 construction personnel from the transmission and transformation branch of guoloudi power supply company were busy doing a good job in energy conservation, emission reduction and cost reduction. They installed the new No. 1 main transformer of the vukou substation in place, and replaced the original No. 1 Main Transformer with a capacity of 6.3 MVA. The researchers cooperated with polymer experts from the company's health business department and high performance materials business department to replace it with a 10 MVA transformer, Ensure that residents have no worries about electricity during the Spring Festival

the 35kV substation at Fukou is located next to G207, Fukou Town, Lianyuan city. It was founded in 1988 and the primary and secondary equipment of the substation were transformed in 2012. At present, there are two main transformers with a capacity of 12.6 MVA, which are mainly used for the load of some residents and township enterprises around Fukou town and Qixing street town. The power supply area is about 356.7 square kilometers, involving 120 administrative villages and 133000 power supply population. From January to June 2018, the maximum load was 11.92 MW, and the maximum load rate was 94.6%. The long-term heavy load operation of the main transformer will lead to a sharp decline in the service life of the main transformer and the accuracy of the influence value, and may cause damage to the main transformer. At present, the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that the power supply capacity with low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties can no longer meet the load needs of Fukou Town, let alone the social and economic development needs of Fukou town

in order to improve the health level of substation equipment, improve the reliability of power supply, and let villagers make good use of electricity before the Spring Festival, the power transmission and transformation branch of Xingyuan Power Construction Group has carried out "reborn" comprehensive management for the 35 kV substation since the end of October 2019

at 9 o'clock in the morning, the weather was very cold, but the construction site was in full swing. The person in charge of the work strictly followed the process, carried out pre operation preparation, stood in line for "three handover", strictly implemented them one by one, and explained in detail the work tasks, personnel division, safety rules, pre job inspection of tools and instruments, etc. the preparation work was ready, and the construction personnel performed their duties and were not afraid of the cold, Carry out all work in an orderly manner. At the moment of completing the work task, all the construction workers showed a happy smile on their faces, and the joy seemed to relieve their hard work for 7 hours in a row

at present, the civil construction and electrical construction of the capacity expansion and reconstruction project of Fukou 35kV substation in Lianyuan city are being carried out in an intense and orderly manner, and the power transmission is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival. The investment of the new transformer has further improved the stable operation capacity of the Fukou substation under low temperature and heavy load, and also allowed the people of the town to have a peaceful and bright spring festival

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