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It is learned that the 12th Five year development plan of national power has been formulated, and smart power construction is the most important part. This plan has been submitted to the national development and Reform Commission, the energy administration and other departments, and is currently awaiting approval

at the same time, state power released "smart electricity technology" and "smart electricity knowledge reader", which clarified the connotation of smart electricity for the first time. The relevant person in charge revealed that the smart electricity standard system including 22 core standards has also been formulated and can be published as soon as July. The person also said that Guodian hopes to raise this standard to a national standard or even an international standard

it is also understood that Shenyang power fiber to home project has started on June 13. The industry predicts that within a few years, Guodian will build the fifth optical communication network in addition to Chinatelecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and radio and television systems

people involved in the pilot project said that the intention of the national electric fiber to home project does not lie entirely in the so-called "three integration" or "Four Integration", but in the IOT and perception China plan

4trillion investment completed in three stages

the shaft rotation Department of the national electric drive photoelectric encoder introduced in an interview that in 2009, Guodian made a major breakthrough in the key technology of power optical fiber to the home, successfully developed the world's first optical fiber composite voltage cable, and has been built in Beijing, Wuxi, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places, which can complete the first batch of power optical fiber to the home intelligent community pilots in China on computers. From the perspective of the pilot project, this network can not only support users to dial numbers, but also watch high-definition TV. In addition, it can also realize Internet access. At the same time, it also supports the automatic control of intelligent household appliances such as air conditioners, electric water heaters, electric rice cookers, and the centralized reading of electricity, water, and gas meters can also be realized synchronously

according to an expert who studies the power IOT, such a wire recycling machine that can handle nylon materials such as fishing lines and common plastics such as plastic bottles and yogurt cups has never appeared in the national power market. It is necessary to use optical fiber composite low-voltage cables with communication access EPON Technology to realize optical fiber to the home, and lay the optical fiber with the low-voltage power line, so as to achieve meter to home. Specifically, it is to set up internal and external transmission EPON devices in the system to build an internal and external separate network, which can carry residential electricity information collection services, voice, data, video and other multi fusion services, as well as smart home services that interact with electricity, which can be realized through the power high-speed data network platform, the expert told

according to the overall plan, the state plans to invest 4trillion yuan to complete the construction of smart electricity nationwide by 2020. According to the above national electric source, the whole plan is completed in three stages. The task in the past two years is to complete the research and start the pilot. From 2011 to 2015 is the stage of large-scale implementation, and from 2016 to 2020 is the stage of improvement and upgrading. Previously, the pilot projects in Beijing, Wuxi, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places were the first batch of pilot projects. At present, the pilot projects in Shenyang and other places are the second batch of pilot projects. Throughout 2010, the state power plans to promote this pilot project in 20 cities of 14 provincial companies

On the other hand, due to the combination of sensor networks and smart electricity, the development of IOT applications in power systems is generally promising

Guodian has already established a subsidiary in information and communication. Lixiangzhen, deputy chief engineer of Guodian information and Communication Co., Ltd., stressed that sensor network, as an indispensable basic link of intelligent electrical terminal information perception, has a broad application space in the power system. At the same time, sensor network not only improves the depth and breadth of information perception in all aspects of intelligent electricity, but also provides information for power flow, business flow The high availability of information flow provides good support

due to the wide application of electricity, we believe that smart electricity is the industry most closely connected with IOT. Guodian insiders told that at present, the application of smart electricity is concentrated in power distribution and consumption, and there are few multi integration businesses, but 80% of the applications are related to IOT. The sensor network has penetrated into the access and detection of power generation, the production management, safety evaluation and supervision of power transformation, the automation of power distribution, the acquisition and marketing of power consumption, and IOT technology should be used in all links

the book smart electricity technology introduces in detail the functions of IOT technology to realize power equipment state detection, power production 4, sample clamping management, power asset life cycle management, intelligent power consumption, etc. at the same time, it also describes how to use IOT technology to realize the functions of intelligent power consumption two-way interactive service, power consumption information collection, smart home, home energy efficiency management, distributed power supply access, electric vehicle charging and discharging, etc, It also looks forward to the future of embedding intelligent acquisition modules and communication modules in various household appliances to realize the intellectualization and networking of household appliances, so as to complete the detection, analysis and control of the running state of household appliances

Guodian believes that for the development of IOT industry and even the entire information and communication industry, electric intelligence will produce a strong driving force, and will profoundly affect and strongly promote the application of IOT in other industries. The construction of intelligent electric information communication, especially the implementation of power optical fiber to user project, can not only provide communication network guarantee for the deepening application of IOT technology, but also provide strong support for the integration of telecommunications, radio and television and interconnection

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