The hottest State Grid will use Beidou deformation

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On February 13, it was learned from the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry that the 203 Institute of the Academy, as a third-party testing institution, completed the testing of the 28 taibeidou deformation monitoring equipment of the State Grid Corporation of China. In the future, the State Grid will use this batch of equipment to carry out geological monitoring of electric power in North China, effectively preventing the occurrence of geological disasters such as landslides and displacements

with the start of the construction of beidou-2 satellite navigation system in 2004, the application scale of Beidou Positioning System has gradually expanded. At present, it has achieved cross-border integration in urban gas, urban heating, electricity, water supply and drainage, smart transportation and other livelihood fields, bringing technological innovation and breakthroughs to the infrastructure construction and management of smart cities

we can know the size of the force by measuring the transformation of the output voltage

we know that Beidou Positioning can carry out three-dimensional dynamic real-time monitoring of horizontal displacement, vertical displacement and other three-dimensional dynamic real-time monitoring through the service station and the monitoring station arranged in the geological disaster prone area, and combined with sensors such as rainfall, water level, temperature and humidity, air pressure and so on, control and monitor the geological disaster prone areas such as slope, debris flow, land subsidence and so on, After the data analysis of the background software, the overall evaluation of the deformation is made, and the emergency plan is triggered in conjunction with the video monitoring and broadcast alarm system

according to the relevant person in charge of institute 203, the 28 Beidou manually controlled two gauge rod deformation monitoring equipment purchased by State Power Corporation and provided by 14 manufacturers was tested this time. The test items include functional test, performance test, high and low temperature environment test, electromagnetic compatibility test and other reliability test items. The test results will be used as the bidding basis for Beidou deformation monitoring equipment of state power corporation

in the future, Guodian will adopt deformation monitoring equipment based on Beidou RTK decoration hammer and other modes to replace the crack meter and 2. Use plastic tensile testing machine hour displacement meter to carry out geological monitoring of electrical equipment, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of geological disasters such as landslide and displacement

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