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Guoloudi power supply company fought for the 220kV Luoxiao substation project in Guidong County, Chenzhou City (correspondent Chen Jinyuan) on August 5, the temperature in Chenzhou area reached about 37 degrees Celsius, and the hot sun baked the earth. At the site of the expansion project of the No. 2 main transformer of Luoxiao 220kV substation in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, located in Datang Township, Guidong County, Chenzhou City, a group of electric horses from guoloudi power supply company braved the scorching sun, Come and study. Stick to your post and sweat like rain. There are two reasons for no such errors: the first reason is to fight hard in the experimental process to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the project

it is reported that the 220 kV Luoxiao substation is located in Guidong County, Chenzhou City. It was put into operation at the end of 2012. At present, there is a main transformer with a capacity of 180 MVA, which is mainly used for the load of Guidong County, Chenzhou City. Guidong county is rich in clean energy. Since the wet season in 2015, the domestic chemical industry and silicon plants have been shut down and the Huagui wind farm has been put into operation, resulting in major problems in the substation. With the commissioning of Xinlong village wind farm, sanguanshan wind farm and hougu'ao wind farm, it is expected that the maximum load of Luoxiao substation will reach 300 MW in 2020, and the existing main transformer capacity cannot meet the transmission demand. Therefore, one No. 2 transformer with a capacity of 180 MVA is expanded in the original substation; Add 4 circuits of 35 kV outgoing lines; Two sets of 10000 kvar shunt capacitors and one set of 10000 kvar shunt reactor are installed at the 35kV side of the main transformer. The project is planned to be put into operation on October 20, 2018

at about 7:00 a.m., the construction site is already busy. The construction personnel are carrying out the construction of manually dug pile foundation and cup foundation in the 220 kV power distribution unit area, and the civil foundation construction personnel are carrying out the pile foundation construction in an orderly manner. The person in charge sends signals to the operators from time to time in the hot sun. Although a sudden rainstorm last night brought a slight chill to the muggy weather, the workers were still busy sweating and wet their clothes. The weather is really too hot, the sun is poisonous, and I can't bear to work. After a while, my work clothes can wring water. Drinking water to quench thirst has become the most desirable and happiest thing all day long. Fortunately, the project department has also prepared heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs for everyone. A construction worker said as he wiped sweat on his face with the corners of his clothes. In order to meet the peak and spend the summer well, the project Department of the project attaches great importance to personnel safety, adopts the method of adjusting the work and rest time, avoids the construction in the high temperature period at noon, and advances the work and rest time in the morning by 7 o'clock, so that the construction personnel can have 3 and a half hours of rest at noon. At the same time, the project department also supplies the construction personnel with mung bean porridge, mineral water, Huoxiang Zhengqi water and other summer cooling items all day long

in order to ensure that the project can be put into operation on October 20, all the staff of the project worked overtime to carry out civil construction. In the hot sun, they did not forget their original intentions and made selfless contributions. Although they were sweating in the high temperature, they still stuck to their respective posts as usual, fulfilled their duties, worked solidly, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth operation of the project. It is explored that the growth orientation of MOF film will produce a series of serious consequences, such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface, and the influence of thickness, modified substrate and other factors on the performance of MOF film. After the completion of the project, it will greatly meet the power load development needs of Guidong County, Chenzhou City, meet the clean energy needs of Guidong County, Chenzhou City, and improve the power supply capacity and reliability. (/dengshijiao)

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