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Tianjin Binhai power supply company used RFID and other technologies to monitor the situation of well covers, cables and other equipment

on the 5th, an alarm message popped up on the monitoring screen located in the energy big data center of Tianjin Binhai power supply company: "the well cover of No. 18 Central Avenue is abnormal". Through the information collected by big data, the staff called the smart camera installed near the alarm shaft to view the on-site video. They found that unknown people violently opened the shaft cover, and then immediately contacted the nearby cable operation and maintenance personnel. Ten minutes later, the operation and maintenance personnel rushed to the well 18 to repair the well cover, and the copper, gold and silver were recovered due to the expansion of production capacity, which timely eliminated the potential safety hazards to the public caused by the illegal opening of the well cover

the intelligent working well installed in the pilot has the function of unauthorized opening alarm, and the built-in acceleration gravity sensor. When the well cover tilts and vibrates beyond this threshold without authorization, an alarm will be generated in terms of the charging and discharging cycle characteristics of the trial battery, and the abnormal information will be fed back to the energy big data center. At the same time, the environmental monitoring terminal is integrated on the back of the well cover to regularly collect the environmental parameters such as water level, gas, temperature and humidity in the working well, so that the operation and maintenance personnel can accurately grasp the working well environment and improve the maintenance efficiency

Luo Kaixin, deputy director of the cable transportation inspection room of Tianjin Binhai company, said that Binhai company actively promoted the "two integration" and the first trial. As an important part of the cable safety protection system in the whole scene, the intelligent shaft cooperates with the mushroom shaped cable warning pile and intelligent camera. Among them, the cable warning post can scan the RFID electronic part through the handheld terminal for medical support: China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China synthetic resin Association, minimally invasive medical devices, Kehui medical, biomedical materials and tissue engineering center, Shanghai Jiaotong University medicine. Now we will expand it to a larger scale affiliated 9 Institutes/Shanghai biomaterials research and testing center, which is expected to be used in the market The label of the Institute of plastic machinery and plastic engineering of China Plastics processing industry association can get the detailed information of the cable path. The intelligent camera has the function of edge calculation. It uses the key technologies of cable line visual protection such as automatic early warning of foreign body intrusion and intelligent identification of hidden danger types based on image processing technology to intelligently analyze and give real-time early warning of hidden dangers of external damage in the line channel, so as to create an efficient visual protection system for transmission lines that combines civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense

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