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Since the beginning of this year, Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to carry out the three-year improvement project of urban distribution and power supply reliability and the three-year improvement project of rural electrification, aiming to speed up the reinforcement of distribution boards and further improve the reliability and power quality of customers' power supply

as the "last kilometer" of electricity, power distribution is the "last kilometer" of building a bridge to serve the masses. Jiangxi electric power overcame the pressure of rigid cost growth, increased investment in power construction, and continued to tilt towards distribution in power investment. In 2019, the investment scale of Jiangxi power distribution was larger than that of last year, making up for the gap in the domestic large-scale tensile strength test of steel structure weldments, reaching 7.668 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 70% of the conventional power investment (excluding UHV), which is nearly twice the investment of Jiangxi UHV this year. Jiangxi electric power said that in the next few years, it still needs to increase investment in distribution and speed up construction. Power distribution and UHV have become the two "main battlefields" of Jiangxi power construction

Jiangxi electric power proposed that by 2021, the reliability of urban power supply in Jiangxi Province will reach more than 99.976%, and the annual average number of power outages will not exceed 0.8. It will provide innovative and entrepreneurial services, utilization and implementation, information consulting, financing, intellectual property protection, talent introduction and training for new material enterprises in the initial stage. Rural power infrastructure has been continuously improved, rural power supply services have been further improved, and the level of electrification in rural and agricultural fields has been greatly improved. A number of electrification pilot demonstration projects have been built in the planting, processing and rural tourism of agricultural products

Jiangxi electric power takes the implementation of rural electrification upgrading project as an important measure to actively serve the poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization Strategy, accelerate the construction of power distribution in unmodified natural villages, accelerate the precipitation, construction and transformation of power technology advantages in poor areas, and focus on solving the problems of weak power distribution in designated poverty alleviation points and poor villages

at the same time, Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. has combined the reliability improvement goal with the positioning of urban development, implemented precise county planning, and achieved "one county, one target frame". Deepen the construction of distribution automation, constantly improve the construction level of intellectualization and standardization of distribution, and promote the high-quality development of Jiangxi distribution. Adhere to the problem orientation, deeply analyze, excavate the problems existing in the rack configuration, equipment level, power supply capacity, intelligent level, operation and maintenance management and control, focus on solving repeated tripping and frequent power outages, and focus on the principle of one line, one policy, one unit, one area, and one plan, and focus on the treatment of weak links, so as to achieve "less power outages, fast power restoration", and ensure that every penny is spent on the blade. (Peng Haiyan)

by: Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd

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