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On November 23, guoxixian new area power supply company invited customers such as Jiaotong University Innovation port and subway construction units along century avenue to communicate on avoiding cable breakage during construction operations

in the innovation port Park of Jiaotong University and the subway construction area along Century Avenue, there are many capital construction and complex cable laying, which are prone to power in construction operations. The above is the electronic tensile testing machine shared by all. The safety device and operating procedures of the equipment force cable external failure, resulting in line power failure and affecting the normal power consumption of customers. In view of the above situation, Xixian new area power supply company organized relevant power customers, construction general contractor and subcontractor representatives to have a discussion. During the discussion, we finally established a customer file database for the company, and the professional electricity inspectors distributed the notice on power safety control during project construction to customers, proposing eight specific requirements from the three stages of risk pre control before failure, communication and coordination during failure, and summary and accountability after failure, standardizing the pre construction preparation process, unifying fault emergency treatment measures, and clarifying the responsibilities of each unit, It has also publicized and implemented relevant laws and regulations such as the electricity law and the power supply business rules. The power customers and all construction units agreed that they should resolutely abide by relevant laws and regulations, implement technical disclosure before construction, and conduct on-site supervision during operation, so as to avoid power failure of the line to the greatest extent

power supply in guoxixian new area 8. Required sample size: 100mm × 100mm the company will continue to follow up the implementation of relevant requirements, irregularly carry out on-site inspection of customers' construction operations, actively coordinate relevant matters, minimize cable breakage and ensure safe and stable operation of electricity

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