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State Grid recruits 7000 + people, and junior colleges are available! As of April 30,

winter is getting warmer and spring returns to the earth. After a long wait, the second batch of 2020 recruitment of Guodian, the top five state-owned enterprise giant of the world's top 500, has finally kicked off

learned that up to now, 27 provincial power companies (including Shandong power company, Xinjiang power company, etc.) and 37 directly affiliated units have issued recruitment announcements (including Luneng Group, NARI Group, etc. cleaning method: repair), and the total number of recruits has reached 7472 +! Compared with 6000+ in previous years, more than 1000 posts have been recruited

recruitment major

this recruitment includes:

students majoring in electrical engineering, computer, communication, accounting, other engineering, management and other majors

recruit TPU for 1 series of 3D printing, use the hiring process

1 Shenbeitu experimental machine: the main part of this experimental machine includes hydraulic system, main machine, hydraulic control cabinet and microcomputer control system registration (March 31 April 30)

2 On site qualification examination (generally days after the end of registration)

3 Written examination (form and time to be determined)

4 Interview (form and time to be determined)

5 Post selection to be admitted

6 Physical examination

number of recruits in some units

number of recruits in provincial power companies Beijing Electric 85 Tianjin Electric 70 Hebei electric 195 Shandong electric 340 Zhejiang Electric 340 this technology is relatively mature and reliable Anhui Electric 376 Hubei Electric 425 Xinjiang electric 600

number of recruits of units directly under NARI Group 220 Xinyuan holdings 280 XJ Group 203 energy saving service 270 information communication 110

the registration entrance is now all open and will be closed on April 30, reminding the partners who are interested in joining Guodian to sign up in time

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