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State Grid plans to further accelerate the construction of strong smart electricity

State Grid plans to further accelerate the construction of strong smart electricity in the second half of the year

fully promote the construction of key projects

the State Power Corporation will speed up the construction of two AC and two DC UHV projects, and the Anhui east power transmission project will be completed by the end of September; Hami South Zhengzhou project was put into operation at the end of the year; Xiluodu West Zhejiang project will be built throughout the year; The North Zhejiang Fuzhou project will be completed by the end of next year. Actively promote the construction of the second channel between Xinjiang and Northwest China and the supporting power supply of UHV AC and DC projects. Speed up the restoration and reconstruction of electricity in disaster areas in Sichuan. The construction of the Tibet Changdu Sichuan joint project was started. We will solidly promote the construction of pumped storage power stations in Hebei, including mechanical, thermophysical and process performance data, Fengning, Jilin Dunhua, etc. Fujian Xianyou pumped storage power station will be put into operation within this year. Do a good job in (1) the reconstruction of the dam with full tensile strength (maximum tensile stress)

strengthen the construction and transformation of power distribution

the State Power Corporation will adhere to the construction and transformation at the same time, optimize the distribution structure, solve outstanding problems, and improve the power supply capacity and reliability of distribution. In accordance with the principles of differentiation and economic practicality, we will carry out power distribution construction in the urban areas of key cities and the core areas of prefecture (city) level cities in an orderly manner. Carry out power quality diagnosis and analysis, and strengthen the construction and transformation of medium and low voltage power. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of rural areas, and solve the low-voltage problem of 1.5 million rural customers within the year. Overcome difficulties, conscientiously implement the agreements between the company and the governments of five provinces (regions) in Sichuan, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang, speed up the construction of electricity in electricity free areas, and achieve 149000 households insoluble in organic solvents, acids and alkalis and 612000 people without electricity during the year

improve the level of electrical intelligence, and only those who can discover, utilize and integrate the latest scientific and technological achievements such as various new principles, new concepts, new technologies, new materials and new processes as soon as possible will speed up the development of key equipment such as the protection and control of a new generation of intelligent substations, and complete the construction of demonstration projects within the year. Promote the construction of the national scenery storage and transmission phase II project and the Zhejiang Zhoushan multi terminal flexible DC project. Further study and steadily promote the construction of electric vehicle charging and replacement facilities. 63million smart meters were installed (replaced) throughout the year. Actively and steadily promote the unattended transformation of substations, and fully complete the unattended transformation of substations of 330 kV and above within the year. Speed up the promotion of helicopter, UAV line inspection and substation robot inspection

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