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Guodian is involved in the "three convergence" to provide 300MB bandwidth per household

the "three convergence" currently being carried out has been fraught with difficulties, and the interests of all parties are fiercely contested. Now, Guodian is "plugging in" again, causing other stakeholders. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the first time to prepare 2D metal carbide rebound

"our goal of this kind of capacity tightening is to support three integration according to the work of static calculation." On August 18, 2010, Liu Jianming, general manager of guoxintong Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as guoxintong), avoided talking about the concept of "Four Integration" in an interview. Guoxintong, the unit of guoxintong, is the executive party responsible for the integration of electricity and telecommunications, radio and television, and interconnection

at the end of July 2010, Liu Zhenya, general manager of State Grid, said at the "smart electricity International Forum" that "through the implementation of smart electricity projects such as power fiber to home, electricity will be organically integrated with telecommunications, radio and television, interconnection and so on". This statement was immediately interpreted as that Guodian will cut into the "Four Integration" through the development of smart electricity

in the PPT displayed by Liu Zhenya at the forum, a chart shows that power, telecommunications, radio and television, and interconnection are collectively referred to as the public, and are connected to OPLC (optical fiber composite low-voltage cable, that is, composite an optical cable in the low-voltage cable to realize power optical fiber into the home). Further service for Indian customers

he explained: "what the state provides is to support the three integration through power optical fiber to the home. Power optical fiber to the home can also provide sensing, IOT and ubiquitous services, which are the direction of development. We are testing, and the goal is to provide 300 megabytes of bandwidth for every civilian user."

in fact, the "Three Integrations" currently being carried out are full of difficulties, and the interests of all parties are fiercely contested. Now, it is not surprising that Guodian will "plug in" again, causing the rebound of other stakeholders

Yang Peifang, Secretary General of the telecommunications economic expert committee of the Ministry of industry and information technology, directly stated that "the concept of four integration is not clear"; Li Shuzhen, general manager of semiconductor research center of CCID Consulting Company under China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said, "the 'four integration' is completely a 'gimmick'."

obviously, household appliances' avoidance of the concept of "four integrations" is intended to stagger the conflicts of interest with telecommunications, radio and television, Internet and other parties, but its assumption is still criticized by other parties

the competition for this "last mile" has always been popular. Li Shuzhen said that telecom operators are rushing to enter the home, because one building, if there is one, may not enter the other, "there is no line, and there is no business to talk about."

however, Liu Jianming believes that telecom and radio and television operators will not worry about the "last mile" of the channel falling into the hands of the state. He said: "all operators can connect to people's homes through optical fiber composite low-voltage cables, and their own investment has also been reduced. After the combination of Sanrong and other technologies, people can use whoever they want, and the key lies in the price and service quality of operators." West China Metropolis Daily

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