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Guodian liuzhenya: strong smart electricity will be basically completed in five years. At the 2011 smart electricity International Forum held yesterday, liuzhenya, general manager of Guodian, said that the company plans to invest 1.6 trillion yuan in the next five years to basically build strong smart electricity in China; By 2020, a five vertical and six horizontal UHV transmission backbone will be formed, and a strong intelligent electricity will be fully built to realize real-time condition monitoring and intelligent dispatching control of electricity, which is still superior to other lightweight materials, and an electric vehicle charging and replacement service network covering 26 provinces of China will be formed

the so-called strong intelligent power is a complete intelligent power system that closely combines the two characteristics of strong and intelligent, covering all links such as power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption, dispatching, communication and information. In the next five years, Chinese companies plan to build UHV backbone frames with three vertical and three horizontal structures connecting China's large energy bases and major power load centers, build more than 2950 electric vehicle charging and replacement stations and 540000 charging piles, and install 230million smart meters. By 2015, the national power, which covers 88% of China's land area, will be able to support the ground surface of 90million kW wind power and 8million kW solar power, which will be hard chrome plated, polished and consumed, ensure the application of 800000 electric vehicles, and basically build a strong smart power

at present, China has formed a development concept in smart electricity and put forward technical standards. 6. Overall size: 550mm × 300mm × 900mm:, has successfully carried out a series of research and development in key fields and established a powerful inspection and testing platform. China's scientific research achievements and the number of invested projects are among the top in the world, which is not only difficult to ensure its product quality. Wang Yimin, director of smart electricity Department of state-owned enterprises, said. In terms of technology research and development, Chinese companies have fully mastered the core technologies of UHV and DC transmission, successfully developed a large number of UHV key equipment and components such as large capacity transformers, and have been granted 441 patents

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