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Uncover secrets: there may be something fishy about the car repair paint in the 4S store

many car owners go to the 4S store to repair the paint after a small scratch. They will find that the painting price in the 4S store is much higher than that in the general professional paint shop. Ask the reason, the reason of the reception staff is often the original paint and the electronic paint mixing. In order to restore the original appearance of their car, even if the price is very expensive, they can only reluctantly accept it. But sometimes there is also a color difference. The 4S store will explain why there are errors in computer paint mixing

tips: blowout parts in parts of express packaging are directly delivered by the manufacturer, but the paint is flammable and explosive. Most manufacturers set a paint brand specification range for the 4S store, and the 4S store purchases the paint itself. However, the investment amount of paint is in the range of millions of euros, which is not much different in quality from those professional body and paint shops. In addition, there are some professional paint mixing stores. There may be "poof" and "poof" messages on the oil return pipes of several nearby oil delivery valves. The paint of 4S stores or paint shops comes from the same paint mixing store. These paint mixing shops are open to everyone and only have color references (generally, the fuel tank cover is used as a reference for vehicle paint mixing, which is small and easy to disassemble). In many 4S stores, the paint spraying technicians sometimes do not use computers. The parts that are prone to problems are fixtures, electromechanical devices, sheet metal and sensors for paint mixing, but use their own experience to manually color them. Therefore, it is not surprising that color differences occur

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