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Equipped with 460 HP gas engine! Cltruck H7 LNG light luxury tractor is coming

equipped with 460 HP gas engine! Cltruck H7 LNG light luxury tractor is coming

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with the construction of a safe, smooth and efficient modern logistics system and the promotion of the national six process of the heavy truck market, LNG heavy trucks with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, clean and environmental protection are increasingly favored by card users and are gradually becoming the mainstream choice in the consumer market. In order to meet the market demand and further bring high-efficiency and value-added benefits to card users, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong has once again made efforts in the field of LNG heavy trucks, bringing a high-quality new masterpiece integrating "high efficiency, technology and value-added" - Chenglong H7 LNG light luxury tractor

comfortable "luxury" and more value-added luxury configuration

as a light luxury tractor, Chenglong H7 LNG light luxury tractor integrates humanistic care for users into every inch of the product's detail design, aiming to provide customers with more comfortable transportation journey and more luxurious driving experience

in terms of appearance, the new front panel and the luminous logo at night make the appearance of the vehicle look full of science and technology. In terms of interior configuration, the 2.5m wide flat floor cab, high-end integrated airbag damping seat and multi-functional steering wheel make driving more comfortable and convenient; The optional South package (rain shield, parking air conditioner, ventilation seat), North package (independent heating, seat heating) and four seasons package can adapt to the climate in many places, so that users can enjoy the four seasons like spring, comfortable and free driving experience; The optional household berth and swivel seat can change the lower berth from a single bed to a 1.2-meter-wide luxury bed. The drivers and passengers can enjoy the luxury experience at home at any time

with high efficiency and "light" volume, more and more profits

compared with diesel vehicles, CLG H7 LNG light luxury tractor not only has the hard core advantages of low fuel cost, no fear of oil consumption stealing, no fear of emissions, and no environmental protection inspection when pulling goods to Beijing, but also has seasonal advantages such as rapid start-up, non solidification of fuel, fast engine temperature rise in winter with the decline of temperature

considering that there are relatively few gas filling stations in South China, Southwest China and other regions, cltruck H7 LNG light luxury tractor has upgraded the gas cylinder capacity to a maximum of 2000L. The super long endurance mileage meets the diversified operation routes of users, so that users will no longer be troubled by the shortage of gas stations in some regions. At the same time, it adopts the international advanced equivalent combustion technology, with higher combustion efficiency, and the comprehensive gas consumption per 100 km is reduced by 3%, further reducing the transportation cost. In addition, in order to ensure timeliness, the CLC H7 LNG light luxury version tractor is matched with the 460 high-power gas of Yuchai/Weichai, a famous engine enterprise. In the upper part of the page, the basic situation of the experiment can be entered. The maximum torque is 2300n · m, which is not only fast to start, but also faster to speed up, meeting the user's fast running needs

single chip microcomputer is the core control unit of the system. At the same time, in order to improve the income of users, CLC H7 LNG light luxury tractor has made great efforts to reduce the self weight to 8.5t, which is more than 400kg lower than that of products of the same level. It has lightweight 400 rear axle, aluminum alloy steel ring of the whole vehicle, lightweight cylinder support, EPP lightweight sleeper The application of lightweight technologies such as lightweight leaf springs enables users to reasonably improve the compliance of single shipment capacity and earn more

intelligent travel, technology escort is safer

in addition to providing technical support for a safe and smooth logistics system, technology also protects safe and intelligent travel in the transportation field. An American Recycling Association said it would pay more attention to navigation. Cltruck H7 LNG light luxury version tractor is equipped with cltruck v+3.0 couplet as standard, which can realize the characteristic functions such as remote locking, fleet management and driving monitoring, and help the vehicle management to be more intelligent and convenient

in order to ensure the driving safety of drivers and passengers, cltruck continues to break through innovative technologies. In terms of active safety, the vehicle is equipped with lane departure warning (LDWS), vehicle forward collision warning (FCW) as standard, and is equipped with optional EBS (electronic braking system), ESC (Electronic body stability control system), TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) and other auxiliary safe driving systems to further improve driving safety; In terms of passive safety, the keel frame cab, which is the first in the industry, can play a key protective role in the face of strong collisions caused by sudden accidents. It can keep the cab as a whole from deformation at the moment of strength, so as to reserve enough life space, reduce the accident casualty rate, and support the lives of drivers and passengers, including the umbrella of relevant announcements of the health and Family Planning Commission

with high horsepower, light weight, low gas consumption and high TCO value, Chenglong H7 LNG light luxury tractor has brought more quality options to the national six markets. From the provision of products to the provision of logistics solutions, the newly renovated Chenglong, starting from the level of the logistics industry, continues to push through the old to bring forth the new and carries out product optimization and upgrading. It is believed that Chenglong will provide more valuable product solutions for "building a safe, smooth and efficient modern logistics system" in the future

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