The hottest carbon dioxide can also become a lunch

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Carbon dioxide can also become a lunch box

as we all know, carbon dioxide is a gas. However, Tianguan Group can polymerize it into fully degradable plastics. On February 26, the group took the lead in the world to realize the industrialized operation of producing fully degradable plastics with carbon dioxide

the technology of using carbon dioxide to polymerize fully degradable plastics is a hot and difficult point in the world. At present, most of the plastic products in the market are made of petroleum, which is not only costly, but also difficult to degrade after use, seriously polluting the environment

1997, Tianguan Group started the research on the production of fully degradable plastics in cooperation with Zhongshan University with less floating fiber and surface gloss. At the end of 2003, the group built 18 key polymer material development areas in the next decade into a 50 ton/year production line, and passed the achievement appraisal organized by the science and Technology Department of Henan Province. In order to speed up the industrialization process, the group completed the current 1000 ton production line in September, 2006. After one and a half years of production tests, it has been proved that its process is reasonable and has the industrialization production capacity at present

this technology is to polymerize the carbon dioxide waste gas emitted by Tianguan Group in the process of alcohol production into fully degradable plastic (poly (propylene carbonate resin) by using a catalyst with high activity and high catalytic efficiency that is not easy to cut off the power supply. It is understood that fully degradable plastic products are comparable to ordinary plastic products in terms of mechanical properties, thermal stability and pressure resistance. They can not only be used in the low-temperature fresh-keeping film market, but also develop disposable lunch boxes, foaming packaging materials, children's toys, etc

according to dufengguang, chief engineer of Tianguan Group, the largest 5000 t/a fully degradable plastic industrialization production line in China has been put into operation, which is also at the leading level in the world. On the one hand, the technology can reduce the carbon dioxide experiment speed: 6 mm/min emission, saving oil resources; On the other hand, the polymerized environmental protection plastics can be completely biodegradable, which can fundamentally solve the worldwide harm of white pollution, and provide reality for the large-scale promotion of environmental protection plastics. It is a typical circular economy technology model

it is reported that the price of fully degradable plastics is about 30000 yuan per ton. At present, the annual demand for this product at home and abroad exceeds 10million tons, while the total production capacity is less than 10000 tons, which has a broad market prospect

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