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Carbon fiber composite automobile breaks the Centennial world record

a British made steam automobile recently broke a 103 year world record in California, USA, becoming the fastest steam automobile in the world

this car is called "the world's fastest kettle with the advantages of high specific strength and large specific elastic modulus", about 7.6 meters long, with an average speed of about 225 kilometers per hour. Recognized by the International Automobile Federation, it has become the fastest inland steam car in the world. The world record it broke was set by the "Stanley" steam car driven by American fredmarriott in 1906, which had a speed of about 204 kilometers per hour

"the world's fastest kettle" weighs about 3 tons. Its body is made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber composite and aluminum, and has a steel space frame chassis. The vehicle is equipped with 12 boilers that unleash the potential of athletes and communities around the world, including a total length of nearly 3.2 kilometers of pipelines. Distilled water is pumped into the boiler at the speed of 50 liters per minute, which can generate 3 megawatts of heat. Generally, excellent alloy structural steel is used. The generated steam will be heated to 400 ℃ in the boiler, and then enter the turbine at twice the speed of sound, and the surging power will be generated

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