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Today, I give you all the car maintenance tips

daily car maintenance is directly related to the service life and safety of the vehicle. If the car is not properly maintained, it may bring many potential safety hazards to the driver and passengers. 2. Design standard of carton detection equipment:. Therefore, as a qualified car owner, it is very useful to learn more tips about car maintenance. Here are some common knowledge about maintenance. I hope it will be helpful for you to use it next time

1. Belt

when starting the car engine or driving the car, the belt makes a noise. There are two reasons: one is that the belt has not been adjusted for a long time. After finding it, it can be adjusted in time by slightly loosening the overflow valve housing or replacing the spring. Another reason is that the belt is aging and needs to be replaced with a new one

2. Air filter

dirty or blocked air filter will directly lead to increased fuel consumption and poor operation of the engine. Check the air filter regularly every day. If there is less dust and the blockage is not serious, high-pressure air can be used to blow it out from the inside and continue to use it. The dirty air filter should be replaced in time

3. Gasoline filter

if it is found that the fuel supply is not smooth, check whether the gasoline filter is blocked in time. If it is found that it is blocked, replace it in time

4. Engine coolant level

after the engine is cooled, check that the coolant level should be between the full level and the low level. If not, please add distilled water, purified water or frozen liquid immediately, and the added liquid level should not exceed the full level. If the coolant decreases rapidly in a short time, check whether there is any leakage or go to a special automobile maintenance shop for inspection

5. Tire

tire pressure is directly related to the safety performance of tires. Too high or too low tire pressure will cause bad results. The tire pressure should be lower in summer when the temperature is high, and sufficient in winter when the temperature is low. In addition, check the cracking of tires. If there is a hidden danger that the viscosity of safety oil is too large, replace the tires in time. When selecting new tires, they should be consistent with the original tire model

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