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Automobile windshield glass is related to driving safety maintenance and should not be underestimated

according to the analysis, the maintenance of windshield glass is often the easiest to be ignored in the daily maintenance of automobile, because it is the medium of visual contact between the driver and the outside of the carriage, and it is directly related to the driver's line of sight and the whole driving safety. Therefore, the daily maintenance of windshield glass should not be underestimated

there are three maintenance items for the windshield glass: the exterior of the windshield glass should be rubbed with "wiper", a waterproof sealant. The interior of the windshield should be rubbed with "fog enemy" to prevent the glass from fogging. The above two items shall be done once a month. In winter, some "windshield de icing agent" should be added to the windshield glass liquid. Drivers of long-distance driving in snowy days know that the snow on the glass can not be scraped clean, and it will form thin ice in a short time, seriously affecting the line of sight. If you use the windshield brush to dry and scrape, it will add fuel to the fire, and the ice will get thicker and thicker. If the windshield fluid contains "ice melting agent that will pay more attention to consumer experience", you don't have to stop to scrape the ice. After the windshield fluid is sprayed, the ice will melt immediately

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