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The industrialization project of domestic special metal materials brought by Tianjin Gangyan Hyde Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Steel Research Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as China Steel Research), has attracted many on-site judges' attention to the huge potential of the automobile lock Market and the insufficient development of high-end locks, Mechanical locks mainly include plug-in door locks and spherical door locks. From the current situation of the lock market, the door lock market will still be dominated by mechanical locks for a long time, and mechanical locks mainly include plug-in door locks and spherical door locks. The plug-in door lock has more development potential than the spherical door lock. The reasons are as follows: from the perspective of use, the plug-in door lock is much better than the spherical door lock. First, its anti-theft performance is stronger than the spherical door lock, and it has double lock heads. The double lock is under the tongue of this kind of market structure (square tongue, oblique tongue or cylindrical tongue); Second, it has a wide range of applications, including double head double tongue, double head three tongue, and 3 or 5 interlocks, which has the function of internal protection and external protection. In addition, the plug-in door lock is also suitable for the disabled. It is easy to open in case of fire. The spherical door lock is insufficient in this regard. From the current situation in China, there are few manufacturers of mortise door locks, and most of them are concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but the scale is small, the grade is not high, and the function is relatively simple. It should be said that with the development of the market, the development potential of mortise door lock should be greater than that of spherical door lock with high quenching temperature. Mortise door lock has been widely used abroad

the market potential of automobile locks is huge

in recent years, with the continuous expansion of China's automobile industry, the development of automobile locks has attracted more and more attention from many enterprises and automobile consumers. It can be said that the development prospect of automobile locks is broad. However, it is necessary to calmly analyze this market and do not blindly launch it

the expansion of automobile lock market is mainly due to the increase of automobile production. In 1998, China's automobile output was about 1.6 million. The gradual growth of automobile production and sales has provided a large development space for the automobile lock market, but it is not as large as people think. It is understood that the production and sales of China's automobile lock market are basically balanced on the whole, and with the launch or expansion of some enterprises' new projects, there may be a situation of supply exceeding demand. At present, the cars produced in China generally use ordinary locks. After buying the car, users basically change the central lock or intelligent lock

in addition, the development of agricultural vehicles will provide a broad market for the lock industry. In recent three years, the production and sales of agricultural vehicles in China have increased significantly. With the industrialization of agricultural vehicles, the demand for vehicle locks will also increase significantly. Therefore, enterprises should think more in this regard

the development of high-grade locks still needs efforts

in recent years, the development of new products in China's lock industry should be improved both in terms of product technology and product grade. For example, Shanghai used the lock factory to develop Santana car series locks, IC card electronic locks, plastic steel door and window locks, and Shanghai Qiujing lock factory developed double tongue compound safety locks, electronic password spherical locks, double leaf locks, emergency access locks, and valve locks; Hangzhou lock industry Co., Ltd. has developed a building apartment intercom anti-theft system; Jinhua Jinxin magnetic card lock Co., Ltd. has developed encrypted magnetic card lock and bicycle magnetic card; Yale Guli security products (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. has developed spherical functional door locks, including balcony, courtyard lock, entrance lock, classroom lock, connection lock, emergency exit lock, storage lock, etc., which are new products developed by China's lock industry in the past five years. In addition, China's high-end hotels and hotels still rely on imports for locks, and the domestic high-end lock market is still controlled by foreign locks. At present, our products have no competitiveness in this regard. The output of more than 2.1 billion locks is like a bloated giant. The accumulation of lock industry volume has reached the level that should undergo qualitative change. It should develop to medium and high-grade locks with high technical content. In addition, some enterprises should break away from the low-level price war and carry out a new round of technical competition

attention should be paid to the rural market

China's rural market is very large. The first thing for farmers after they become rich is to build houses. When more houses are built, the demand for locks will increase. This is undoubtedly good news for our lock industry. However, our lock enterprises have not paid enough attention to this work. There are not many locks specially developed for farmers to adapt to the rural market. Therefore, in the future, lock enterprises should develop more marketable products according to the characteristics of the rural market

at present, with the deepening of China's opening to the outside world, high-end buildings are developing rapidly, and the prospect of high-end lock market is optimistic. Therefore, many famous foreign lock making enterprises have also poured into the Chinese market, such as the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, South Korea, as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong in China

it can be seen that if our lock manufacturing enterprises do not seize the time to develop high-end lock products, we will lose this market

high end products have gradually become the mainstream

at present, the domestic lock market mainly produces medium and low-grade lock products. As the lock industry is a labor-intensive industry, the entry threshold is low, the degree of specialization is not high, and the types of high-end products are very rare

the competition of domestic low-end products has long been white hot. At the annual meeting of China Hardware Association at the end of last year, a lock manufacturer said to the author with worry: due to the rising price of raw materials, the increase of labor costs, and the competition of more and more new technologies and new products, our life is becoming more and more difficult, and we dare not think about what will happen tomorrow

there are also those enterprises that plan to convert exports to domestic sales. After the financial crisis, they wanted to take the express train of domestic demand to achieve their business at home, but found that their once proud way of operation has no advantage in China. After all, they are all taking the low-end route. Those ancestors who have already opened up territory in the domestic market are still exhausted. What's more, it's not easy for them to highlight the outline of their territory

when the mountains and rivers are exhausted, it's natural to find a path of bright future. Looking back at the external motor, I found that the scenery of the high-end market was still good, huge space, rich profits, and attractive cakes loomed in the infinite reverie

in fact, a new round of technological competition in the lock industry has begun, and the development trend of high-end products with high technology content is obvious in the future. One exhibitor said that in recent years, with the rapid development of pillar industries such as residential buildings, automobiles, medium and high-end office buildings and hotels, and the increasing demand for high defensive lock products in national defense, public security, financial and other systems. Because the high-end lock has high technology content, more prominent humanization and personalization characteristics, the product profit is also relatively high. Coupled with the accelerated upgrading of lock products, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream of the lock market

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