How to calculate the total cost of installing wate

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How to calculate the total cost of installing water pipes

1. Installing a household water pipe mainly consists of two parts: material fee (water pipe + accessories and consumables), service fee (installation fee and special service fee)

proportion of expenses in the total price 26.4% single tube material fees for first kitchen, first bathroom, second bathroom, first kitchen, third bathroom

Accessories 52.6% 350-1000 yuan 750-2000 yuan 1100-3000 yuan installation fees (and special service fees) 21% 250 yuan (+ special service fees) 350 yuan (+ special service fees) 450 yuan (+ special service fees)

total 100% 600-1250 yuan (+ special service fees) 1100-2350 (+ special service fees) 1550-3450 (+ special service fees)

2. Calculation of material fees

check the materials, Make a material list. The counting of pipes (single pipes) is calculated by subtraction. The total number at that time minus the number of meters after completion is the installed quantity, including the normal loss of pipes (single pipes) is not more than 3% of the actual consumption. If this proportion is exceeded, it indicates that the installation workers' technology is not in place or the site is caused by the change of lines during the installation process. Accessories shall be counted one by one according to the whole pipeline system. Look at the pictures to identify the accessories

the final settlement cost of water pipe materials has a great relationship with the slotting trend of your water pipe

3. Technology of service fee

the service fee of PP-R water pipe of fence network is as follows:

service content charging standard installation fee one kitchen and one bathroom installation fee is charged additionally ¥ 250

the installation cost of the first kitchen and the second bathroom will be charged separately by ¥ 350

an additional ¥ 450 will be charged for the installation service of one kitchen and three bathrooms

installation does not include drilling and slotting (your construction team needs to be prepared in advance)

installation fees for special products, special devices and special room types are calculated separately

note: in order to eliminate potential construction hazards, we refuse to wrangle, so we only accept orders that require both water pipes and installation services. Balcony water pipe (belonging to special service fee) a single water pipe connected to the balcony is free; Two water pipes are connected to the balcony at an extra charge of ¥ 30. Return water service (common for large room type and heating users) (belonging to special service fee) if it is necessary to add "return water" pipe or "clean water" pipe for water pipe installation, each additional bathroom will be charged ¥ 50 (and so on)




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