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On June 29, 2018 Yisheng Haoting Dealer Training Conference continued. The dealer arrived on time and welcomed the new course with full strength

on June 29, 2018, the Yisheng Haoting Dealer Training Conference continued. The dealer arrived on time and welcomed the new course with full strength

how to solve the problem of store operation in the community

at 8:30 a.m., the training conference officially began. Zhou Jihui, Dean of Youwei business school, brought wonderful training contents to dealers. Those who win the community win the world. How can we open community marketing? How can we catch the flow of people? How can we retain customers with the least human and material resources? How can we get rid of the problem of community promotion? In the course, teacher Zhou gave the answers one by one

it is difficult to promote the community, it is difficult to enter the community, and the crowd capture rate is not high, which is a common pain point faced by store salesperson. Teacher Zhou's training course not only provides dealers with ideas to solve problems, but also gives guiding solutions. Teacher Zhou's course avoided empty content and really helped dealers solve their urgent problems

how does store sales play with color psychology

how to use color to talk about orders? Lecturer Zhou Huixian brought a vivid "color psychology" course. Lecturer zhouhuixian has 15 years of experience in soft clothing brand operation and 6 years of experience in retail terminal operation. From single category to multi category operation, she is a pioneer in developing the industry

how can we deeply excavate the decoration style of the owner? Lecturer Zhou pointed out that we need to learn to observe words and expressions and understand the working environment and lifestyle of customers. During this period, lecturer Zhou made a thorough analysis of the implications and personality colors represented by different colors. Red represents fashion and atmosphere, green represents warmth and nature, blue represents low-key quality, and gold represents luxury. When dealing with customers with different color personalities, we must grasp the "color psychology"

transformation is imminent, which is the end and a new start.

after the course, the training has come to an end. This is the first large-scale and professional training meeting of Yisheng Haoting, and it is also a major practical measure to move forward to the profession after the brand is newly upgraded. It plays a great role in promoting dealers' professional knowledge, brand service and image upgrading. Subsequently, dealers focused on group photos

2018 Yisheng Haoting dealer training conference gave dealers a clearer understanding and firmer confidence in Yisheng Haoting's brand strategy and development prospects, and improved the cohesion and centripetal force of the team. I believe that in the future, Yisheng Haoting will work with dealers to develop its own golden footprint

2018 is a year of transformation of Yisheng Haoting! It's a year of repositioning! It is also a year of brand new upgrading

in terms of internal optimization, improve the company's service system and establish a product R & D and design team

in terms of hardware investment, a huge amount of new plants and imported equipment were invested

in terms of media publicity, Tencent home and Youwei business school have been signed to promote strong brands

in terms of channel optimization, transform the form of stores and optimize the channel management of dealers

we also look forward to the perfect transformation and nirvana of Yisheng Haoting! Grow rapidly and flourish





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