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Abstract: it is human nature to decorate before the Spring Festival, but since the beginning of winter this year, there has been rainy weather for days, and a little snow fell a few days ago. The cold, hot, dry and wet weather gives some people who are decorating a headache

as the new year is approaching, many real estate projects are delivered in winter, and most of them require owners to complete the decoration within the specified time, so many owners have to decorate their new houses in winter. The decoration company has to be busy with year-end settlement, and the employees have long been eager to return, so the control of project quality is inevitable to have problems. More decoration guerrillas are ready to take this opportunity to make a lot of "new year money". So, before us: how to deal with the problems of decoration in winter? How to avoid falling into the trap of spring festival decoration? "

three common problems in winter decoration

problem 1: Cracking of the decorative panel

solution: after the decorative panel is transported to the construction site, wipe off the floating dust with a dry towel, and apply varnish twice continuously to seal the bottom. All decorative panels should be placed flat, with a large core board at the bottom and a large core board pressed on top. They cannot be placed upright, so as to prevent the panel from cracking and warping

problem 2: wall cracking

solution: always open windows for ventilation, and the best time is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The temperature is relatively high during this period, which can prevent the new putty from freezing. After the first coat of putty is completely dry, the second coat shall be approved. After the second putty is completely dry, polish it carefully with sandpaper. Sand lime walls and thermal insulation walls should be fully pasted with bean wrapped cloth or dacron cloth, and putty should be directly applied on the bean wrapped cloth or dacron cloth until it is completely dry and polished with sandpaper. If there are large holes or depressions in the wall, it is best to use gypsum powder and latex to mix and flatten the wall, so that it can dry quickly and be strong. When there are large cracks on the wall, double paste kraft paper on some places and then apply putty. When the area is large, it is best to paste bean wrapped cloth and then apply putty

problem 3: Cracks in gypsum board ceiling and gypsum line

solution: when carrying out gypsum board ceiling operation, about 1-2 cm gap is reserved between gypsum boards and between gypsum board and wall, which is first filled with caulking, then double pasted with kraft paper, and then puttying

the moisture content of the wooden keel must be controlled below 12%, and the "keel" must be firm without any looseness, so as to prevent cracks in the gypsum board ceiling. When sticking the gypsum line, leave 0.5% between the gypsum board and the top and wall The crack of about 5cm can be filled with gypsum powder and latex to prevent the gypsum line from cracking

precautions for decoration materials

materials: try to avoid rainy transportation

although there are many rainy days this winter, sunny weather will appear after a week or two of rain. Some experts suggest that consumers who are decorating will not be affected by rainy days as long as they buy materials on sunny days and transport them indoors. Because the rainy days in winter are different from those in summer after all, and there will be no excessive humidity

experts said that the abnormal situation of this winter's weather, which is cold and hot, dry and wet, is easy to make some materials with strong water absorption (such as wood, board, gypsum board, etc.) extremely susceptible to moisture and cracking deformation, thus affecting the quality of decoration. Therefore, he suggested that the main wood used in decoration, especially wood, had better use wood with a moisture content of 8.9%

paint: do a good job in anti sealing treatment

recently, some consumers worried about whether the rain for a week will lead to excessive moisture in the wood, making the wood prone to hair in the future. In this regard, some experts pointed out that the humidity in rainy days in winter will not be too high after all, so it will not easily cause the wood to hair. However, if the anti sealing treatment of wood floors and other wood can be carried out in rainy days, it will be beneficial without harm. It is understood that the specific method of anti sealing is to add a functional primer with special antibacterial ingredients into the brushing formula before painting, eliminate the bacteria at the base layer, and completely seal the substrate to achieve the best protection and sealing effect

Fu Gong specially reminds that painting must not be done in rainy days, because a layer of water vapor will condense on the surface of the furniture at this time. If painting at this time, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, causing the surface of the furniture to be muddy. Especially in wet and cold seasons, it dries slowly after painting, and the paint is easy to produce fog after absorbing the moisture in the air. Therefore, it is best to wait for rainy days before painting. After all, rainy days in winter will not last too long, and it will not affect the progress of the decoration project if it is well controlled

pay attention to the five traps

as the Spring Festival approaches, many friends who have just bought a new house want to take advantage of this long holiday to visit various home decoration markets, see the market of furniture and building materials, and do some preparatory work before decoration; There are also many people who hope to live in their new houses before the Spring Festival, but they are afraid that the decoration company will rush the progress and affect the quality of construction. So, here's a reminder for you, don't go into the trap of decoration before the festival

trap 1: because the home decoration industry is a relatively special industry, its practitioners are mostly outsiders. As the Spring Festival approaches, the time has changed since before. Many designers and construction teams of home decoration companies go home for the Spring Festival, so most home decoration markets are closed during this period. If you want to consult or find a decoration company, you'd better call first and ask about the rest time of the company or the market, so as not to go astray

trap 2: many decoration companies have launched various preferential measures and discount activities during the Spring Festival. You should carefully understand these promotional means in advance and calculate them clearly, so as not to lose more than gain

trap 3: for those owners who are half decorated but not yet completed, if the construction team continues to work during the holiday, you should also go to the site several times more than usual. Because it is the Spring Festival, people are inevitably impetuous. For example, some companies stipulate that the interior wall should be painted three times. At this time, the construction team only painted once, and there is no difference on the surface, but in fact, the process standard is reduced, and the decoration quality is difficult to guarantee; Moreover, if some professional workers (such as carpenters, oilers, bricklayers, etc.) go home, other construction workers "take over" in order not to delay the construction period, and become comprehensive hands, but the technology is not up to standard, the process is rough, and the problem can not be seen for the time being. After a long time, the problem will be exposed. In this case, only the owner can find and stop it in time is the best solution

trap 4: some decoration teams propose to come back for construction after a year. This situation also needs to be noted. In rooms with unfinished decoration and no one living, fire prevention, water leakage prevention, theft prevention, etc. are essential. Because many of the decoration materials are inflammable substances, if sparks or cigarette butts enter, it is easy to cause a fire. Guangzhou began to enter the plum rain season in April. If the decoration company cannot complete the wood production at the end of February and the beginning of March because of more cross year work, the project quality will inevitably be affected after the arrival of the plum rain season

trap 5: many decoration companies propose to settle the project funds before the year in order to avoid "next year accounts". At this time, the owner should first give full consideration, but at the same time, the end of the year is a busy season for all walks of life. The owner must take time to carefully check the decoration accounts and then calculate. At the time of settlement, we should not forget to carry out strict acceptance of the construction projects on the construction site

decoration formula

pay attention to fire prevention in winter decoration. Garbage should be cleaned at any time, wood chips, wood chips and other inflammables should be cleaned at any time, paint and other items should be placed separately in the balcony and other ventilated places

after decoration, the owner can put a basin of clean water in each room. Because increasing indoor humidity can prevent cracks on walls, roofs, furniture, etc. from drying too fast. When decorating in winter, the door seam should not be too small. In order to avoid expansion and tightness in summer, the gap should also be properly left larger when installing wood floors

no matter what kind of decoration, keep the wooden floor clean. Customized "made" furniture is beneficial to increase room space





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