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Samsung has mastered the core technology of the future display screen

the screen was still competing with the curved screen last year. This year, a wind of comprehensive screen suddenly blew up, and all major manufacturers are producing comprehensive screens, Even LETV, which did not produce a full screen, had secretly registered a trademark for the word "full screen". At present, it is more and more notifiable. If you remove the logo and put it together, many people can't tell which is which. Imagine that in the heyday of Nokia Motorola, a hundred flowers bloomed, and each has its own unique shape about the composition of the electronic tensile testing machine

on the other hand, it also shows that the manufacturer is lazy. It only uses the existing parts in the market to design and produce, so the shape can not be avoided due to the original screen, processor, memory, chip, etc. If you want to produce distinctive products with new shapes, you need to develop your own screens and internal parts. Such projects are too risky and slow to return for many enterprises who want to make fast money. It is better to directly assemble existing parts, and OEM production can be simple and efficient

if smart wants to have a new and subversive experience, it depends heavily on the development of display technology. Samsung and LG of South Korea now master the core technology of OLED flexible display. In the future, new curved screen and folding screen may be introduced from these two enterprises first. In particular, Samsung has taken the absolute lead in OLED displays and has accumulated a large number of patented technologies. Chinese domestic manufacturers will still have to ask Samsung to sell their own good displays in the future, which is also in line with the plan of Zibo Municipal Government for the innovation demonstration zone

now there are many concepts that seem to come from science fiction movies. Everyone will say that if Zhang is like this, I will definitely buy it. Since everyone wants to be cool, in fact, manufacturers also want to do it, but the production of concept machines can not be done overnight, let alone solve the problems of mass production. For example, the function of built-in fingerprint recognition on the screen has been designed on many conceptual machines, but it is as powerful as apple and Samsung, which can not solve the problems in practical application. I believe that with the technical pendulum experimental machine 1, as three force measuring ranges are gradually overcome, mass production in the future will not be far away

Gao Dongzhen, President of Samsung mobile, said that the form of intelligence in the future may be a new form. Samsung's goal is to "let it no longer be just". What you will see in the future may be another form. In the future, the interconnection of everything will increasingly become a central device connecting intelligent terminals and cloud services

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