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Samsung Electronics invested more than $15.5 billion in R & D last year, with a net profit of $39 billion

according to foreign media reports, industry data showed that Samsung Electronics invested more than 16.8 trillion won (about $15.53 billion) in R & D last year. At the same time, the company's realizable assets remained at 30 trillion won (about US $27.74 billion), but decreased by about 1.5 trillion won compared with the previous year, mainly because Samsung knew exactly how it worked and made a big investment in facilities and shareholder returns. 2) type test pen investment

compared with 2016, Samsung Electronics' R & D expenditure last year increased by 2.01 trillion won (about $1.86 billion), or 13.59%

in addition, the realizable assets of Samsung Electronics remain at the level of 30 trillion won. Specifically, Samsung's current cash and realizable assets totaled 30.55 trillion won (about $28.224 billion), a decrease of 1.57 trillion won (about $1.45 billion), or 4.88%, from 2016

the short-term financial products held by Samsung fell by 5.69% year-on-year to 49.45 trillion won (about US $45.72 billion), and the short-term marketable financial assets fell by 12.29% to 3.19 trillion won (about US $2.95 billion)

Samsung Electronics' net profit reached a record 42.19 trillion won (about US $39.01 billion) in 2017. However, Samsung Electronics' investment last year was also huge, with facilities alone reaching 43 trillion won (about US $39.76 billion)

in 2017, Samsung Electronics also repurchased 9.2 trillion won (about US $8.51 billion) of shares and paid dividends of 5.8 trillion won (about US $5.36 billion) to shareholders. Under the management policies in favor of shareholders, the liquidity of Samsung Electronics' shares fell

a business executive said, "Samsung Electronics has decided to return at least 50% of its free cash flow to shareholders in the next three years from this year. Therefore, Samsung Electronics may face the problem of insufficient cash in the future."

at the same time, Samsung Electronics' total assets (but only from the fourth quarter, including capital and debt) were 301.75 trillion won (about US $279.01 billion), breaking the 300 trillion won mark for the first time in more than 50 years since the company was founded

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