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Sample packaging: give before take (I)

in today's product rich retail market, it is becoming more and more difficult to convey a message to consumers. For beauty marketers, it is particularly difficult for their products to stand out because there are thousands of products and hundreds of brands in the market

in this case, many production and marketing personnel have realized that sample publicity has become the key in beauty marketing. "The best way is to attract consumers to try a new product. Some companies also use samples as a way to promote other products or as part of full gift (GWP). We expect sample gift will increase, especially pharmaceutical makeup products and foundation make-up," some experts pointed out

strategies of major companies

Estee Lauder: at present, it has 23 brands in the market, and Estee Lauder company in New York is an expert in the business promotion of beauty products. "You have to impress consumers with products," emphasized rogercarappa, the company's vice president responsible for global packaging, quality assurance, marketing, group store design and retail store deployment of products with different features and functions. Estee Lauder focused on Clinique as a brand that plays an important role in giving samples. He explained, "the product itself is the protagonist of Clinique. Its advertisements are all around products, not lifestyle; therefore, samples are an important marketing tool."

Clinique uses a series of sample giving strategies to contact its consumer groups. According to caracapa, the brand sends more than 30million samples of inserted magazines in the United States every year. "Consumers can benefit quickly from products such as foundation make-up and eye cream that 'try it/like it'." Special activities in retail stores are the gift channels for another 2 million Clinique samples, while the other 6 million are distributed as part of various full gift products. "We often associate samples with the launch of gb/t328.8 (2) 007 asphalt waterproof roll, and will also send samples of products sold on shelves," he said

Avon: for Avon, sample presentation is particularly important in makeup and perfume, according to kathykordowski, vice president of Avon global packaging development. Avon will use free samples to launch "products that have unique beauty/texture, breakthrough statement and/or fragrance, and have the potential to be different as a new thing and (make consumers) interested in buying," she further explained

for Avon's direct sales approach, winning over sales representatives is the first step. The person in charge explained, "the sales representative is our first customer, so giving her samples will ensure her desire to sell. Then giving the sales representative additional product samples can make more samples popular in our current customer base." Avon also promotes its free samples in its brochure pages so that consumers can ask for samples. The company also uses magazines for limited distribution, and also provides additional samples through its website to obtain new consumers

latest trends

providing multiple samples at the same time is the latest trend. The person in charge of Estee Lauder pointed out that Clinique can now summarize three different tones of the same product in a sample gift. For example, three different products (a variety of foundation make-up formulas) or three interrelated products together, such as Clinique's 3-stepskincare system, can give consumers all kinds of matching products and value

Avon has been seeking the latest progress in innovative sample packaging. The relevant person in charge of the company emphasized and explained, "we are evaluating new options for lipstick samples that will adopt volatile formula. Therefore, at present, the products produced by Chinese enterprises are mainly used in small and medium-sized projects. Moreover, at the forefront of personal care, disposable hoses and mini hoses with sponge applicator openings are receiving attention in many fields."

travel packaging is also popular in sample packaging. Eshave, a company based in New York, USA, recently launched a series of eight Mini shaving creams and post shaving creams, which are packaged in 1/8oz transparent polystyrene thick walled cans with polypropylene padded covers with black smooth sides. This package is provided by cosmoticpackaginggroup, a division of RK company in New York. The top of its cover is covered with colored labels from labelmakers, New York, and is assembled in a transparent box. The brand is easy to pack, emphasizing the convenience of mini cans. The size of the whole transparent box is 53/4 "x27/8" X1 "

the popular trend of all products produced and filled in Asia is expanding to include sample packaging. Some American packaging designers and manufacturers have also realized that purchasing in the Far East can reduce costs and shorten delivery time. So they began to build equipment in China and South Korea to meet such requirements

the channels for giving samples are also expanding. In addition to the traditional occasions of sending samples, brand marketers are also giving samples to potential consumers at sports events, gatherings and banquets, some insiders also pointed out. At present, some methods of sending samples have confirmed this phenomenon - many companies have distributed sample bags at events with a large number of attendees. For example, some personal care products manufacturers recently distributed toothpaste on NASCAR racing cars. In addition, many companies have been investing in using the label of instructions, using flexible packaging to send a sample bag attached to the purchased product. Other companies use shrinkable film to pack small sample bags onto products of actual size

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