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Samsung Electronics promotes the development of large-scale micro led

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, the United States, in January every year is a lively place for major companies around the world to display new products and technologies. The annual CES exhibition attracts global attention. The industry, finance, media and other industries gather to fix samples on the front edge and upper surface of the slider with tape, Open your eyes to see if there are amazing components that must be used normally throughout the life cycle of the appliance. New products and technologies are available

this year's CES was launched in Las Vegas last week, and cars became the main part of the exhibition. Electric cars, self driving cars, etc. were the hot focus. After the digitalization of the automobile, the future automobile and electronic products are getting closer and closer. The highly digitalized automobile will be regarded as a high-tech electronic product equipped with wheels

in addition to cars, artificial intelligence has become another highlight of the exhibition. The smart audio boom triggered by Amazon's echo has made intelligent voice assistants the focus of each exhibition. The intelligent type adds image and speech recognition, and the built-in processor with artificial intelligence function improves the intelligent ability of the intelligent type

in terms of display technology, Samsung Electronics and lumens of South Korea each exhibited micro LED (micro light emitting diode) products this year, making everyone feel that micro LED has become an emerging display technology concerned by major companies around the world

following the exhibition of 8kx2k resolution large-size (970cmx270cm) micro LED display by Sony in Japan in 2017, Korean manufacturers performed in a relay, and it is expected that the day of mass production of micro LED will come as soon as possible

the micro LED display exhibited by Sony last year is a seamless combination of 144 micro LED modules. Samsung Electronics will exhibit 146 inch ultra large micro led TVs this year. Similar to Sony, Samsung Electronics' microled TV is also a seamless combination of multiple modules

lumens displays 130 inch and 139 inch oversized micro LED digital billboards, as well as micro LED displays used as head up displays. 0 users can solve other problems through the problems of the equipment.57 inch micro LED displays. According to media reports, lumens will start to produce ultra large micro LED panels in small quantities this year. Because the mass production technology has not yet broken through, lumens can only produce 20-30 ultra large micro LED panels per month

0.57 inch micro LED panel, although the size is very small, it still needs to put about 920000 8um micro LEDs, so the production process is very difficult, and the massive transfer technology is the main bottleneck of micro LED production

the ultra large micro LED panel adopts a larger led size, usually 300umx100um micro led. The 150 inch 4K resolution micro LED panel requires about 25million micro LEDs, so production is very difficult. At present, there is no technology that can produce rapidly, so lumens can only produce 30 pieces per month

the micro LED technology exhibited by Samsung Electronics at CES this time is directly aimed at TVs, unlike the application of Sony and lumens in the electronic billboard market

the application of oversized electronic billboards is a commercial market, so expensive panels can be affordable. TV belongs to the consumer electronics market and is price sensitive

Samsung Electronics is trying to introduce micro led into the TV market. In addition to trying to surpass LG, which lacks key core technologies in the OLED TV market, Samsung Electronics may see the potential of micro led in TV, and may also master key technologies, and have some confidence in the development of large-size micro led

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