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Samsung Galaxy Book flex 5g configuration playing games? Sharing experience unpacking evaluation

III. Samsung Galaxy Book flex other friends' comments:

1. Other special control circuits are highly integrated color: feel good, Samsung's product Beauty King appearance material: very good, super thin ah graphics card effect: enough office + painting I don't play games, computer-based wood-based panel universal experimental machine fixture includes clamping the specimen (or product) through the fixture to apply force to the specimen, binding strength fixture Internal bonding strength fixture, static bending strength fixture, modulus of elasticity fixture, screw grip force fixture, surface bonding strength fixture can: I'm very satisfied with the beauty of money. For the sake of computer + spen, it's the only thing that tstdat database data table is perfect

2. Appearance, I think it can give full marks. It's really good-looking. If the performance is completely enough, there's no problem with routine office work, and the power is still relatively used, Mild office can be used for a day. Of course, the disadvantages should also be mentioned. Because it is not a fog screen, indoor office will still have some reflections, and the dust on the screen is a little easy to see, which is very unfriendly to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Heat dissipation is OK. If you run more applications in performance mode, you will feel hot. Generally speaking, it is OK

3. The computer is good, with good hand feel and texture. It's amazing after receiving it. It's a little hot, and the mirror is easy to get fingerprints. Nothing else

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