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Samsung Apple seizes the concept stock of 3D glass industry and hopes to start the industrial revolution

Samsung, which has attracted much attention, will release its new note series, Galaxy Note7, on August 2. The hyperboloid screen has become the biggest selling point of the "quasi king"

insiders pointed out that, as a well deserved leader in the industry, the note series new products released by Samsung every year will become an important benchmark for the development of the industry. The curved screen can make it more beautiful, thinner, lighter and low power consumption. It not only increases the visual angle, but also relieves facial fatigue to a certain extent, making it more convenient to operate. Undoubtedly, it plays a vital and significant role in technological innovation for the development of intelligence

it is noteworthy that according to foreign media reports, Apple has recently been granted a number of new patents by the U.S. trademark and patent office, one of which is called "flexible electronic device", which realizes the bending of the device by using flexible OLED screens and other components. Apple said that this patent may be applied to the iPhone, iPad, apple watch and some wearable devices that started earlier in the future. Lee Choong hoon, President and chief analyst of UBI research, a market research organization, predicts that about 30% of iPhones will be equipped with curved screens in 2018, while by 2020, this proportion will increase to an astonishing 80%

GF Securities pointed out that the curved glass process is gradually mature, and the market is rising rapidly: curved glass includes cover glass and back plate glass. On the one hand, curved cover glass has been applied to many flagship brands due to its "high appearance" and "good touch". In the future, benefiting from the application trend of OLED display, curved cover glass is expected to achieve rapid penetration and popularization; On the other hand, because it meets the needs of intelligent differentiation and brings more optimization space for functional design, the classic glass Backplane Design in the iPhone4 and 4S era is expected to be adopted by international manufacturers again. The innovation of cover glass and back glass will both bring about the increase of the value of glass carried by intelligent single machine, and bring new market increment to the glass industry. With the gradual popularization of curved glass, the domestic glass processing industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities, and is expected to grow into more leading glass processing enterprises

according to the analysis of the report on in-depth investigation and investment prospect prediction of China's 3D glass industry released by CIC consultants, 3D curved cover glass is expected to release an annual output value of more than 70billion yuan in just two years as our city adheres to innovation as the source of vitality and accelerator for the development of the aluminum industry. As long as the flexible display mass production technology can make a breakthrough in the Chinese market, it is not impossible for the pressurization system of the experimental machine to grow steadily and reliably in the future market, and the growth rate is doubled every year. Therefore, according to this trend, the industrial chain enterprises related to 3D curved cover glass are of great investment value

according to the analysis of market participants, the recent performance of A-shares has been strong. The plates with deep involvement of funds in the previous holding period show signs of plate rotation, and the 3D glass concept stocks standing on the tuyere are more worthy of looking at the high line

related concept stocks: lansys technology is one of the most important professional suppliers in the field of 3D curved glass, and has begun to supply Samsung, Xiaomi and other customers. At present, the company is investing 1.6 billion yuan to build a 3D curved glass production project, which will have an annual output of 27million pieces of 3D curved glass. Star technology has made a layout in the field of 3D curved glass in advance according to the market demand, and has made technical reserves in 3D molding, 3D curved printing, 3D curved fitting, etc. a number of 3D cover glass products have been developed and trial produced, and 3D Bracelet cover glass products have been delivered in batches. Kaisheng technology is the second largest enterprise in East China. 5D protection covers the largest enterprise. The company is very optimistic about the market prospect of 3D cover glass, and is currently actively engaged in relevant research and development and technical reserves

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