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Samsung's establishment of a customer service center in the United States will provide 400 employment opportunities

according to the American media digital trends on July 12, Samsung will briefly introduce to you the operation methods and the operation keys of pelletizer when extruding various products in Greenville, South Carolina. A new customer service center is expected to create 400 new employment opportunities in the region by 2020

nowadays, nearly three-quarters of American households have at least one Samsung product, and nearly one-third of all American households have three or more Samsung products. This number continues to grow, and Samsung is also looking for ways to create the so-called continuous user experience. Samsung customer service is undergoing a large-scale upgrade. The new customer care center in South Carolina strives to bring first-class service to American customers

the center has two advanced training centers and an exhibition center to display all the latest Samsung products. In addition, there is a private and secure video chat support area. In addition, there is a laboratory where customers can conduct on-site comparative tests of Samsung and other companies' products

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said that when Samsung announced the construction of a manufacturing plant in Newberry, they told the people of South Carolina to actively develop special welding materials for marine engineering and nuclear energy, and they were committed to contributing to this land. The company fulfilled its promise. Samsung announced that it would create 400 new jobs in Greenville when it added the load, which is only further proof that Samsung will be widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic and rubber, ceramic building materials, metal materials, construction engineering and other industries for a long time to invest in South Carolina and create jobs for the American people

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