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Analysis on the current situation and trend of the development of cigarette label printing industry in China

as of 2010, there were 271 cigarette label printing enterprises above Designated Size in China; The total assets are 42.063 billion yuan; The sales revenue reached 43.066 billion yuan, an increase of 25.81% year-on-year; The total profit was 3.694 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 212. Concrete admixture was 7.94%. On the whole, China's cigarette label printing industry has developed steadily, its sales revenue has been growing, and its profit has been increasing

the implementation of the Framework Convention on tobacco control (FCTC) in China is a huge challenge for the tobacco industry, which means that the tobacco industry will seek development within the framework. The convention not only requires the tobacco industry, but also deeply affects the development of the matching tobacco label printing industry

the Convention clearly stipulates that the load base that can be reached by each load is unchanged: in the packaging of breaking the non renewable spell of tobacco, warning words and patterns should occupy more than 50% of the main visible part of the packaging, and at least not less than 30%. In this way, the cigarette label packaging in the tobacco industry must be replaced, which brings great demand to the cigarette label printing enterprises, and also puts forward higher requirements for the design ability and other capabilities of the cigarette label printing enterprises

in addition, with the implementation of FC and the computer-aided level adjustment system TC for our products and the strategy of the State Administration of tobacco on cultivating large tobacco groups, cigarette enterprises have more stringent requirements for the printing of cigarette labels. In addition to the strict requirements for overprint accuracy, die cutting specifications, printing pollution, transportation and storage after printing, cigarette labels are also required to adapt to high-speed cigarette packaging machines. These all put forward higher requirements for the financial strength, technical level, quality control, service ability, development and innovation ability of cigarette label printing enterprises. Many small and medium-sized cigarette label enterprises that rely on oneortwo cigarette labels for survival will not be able to meet the requirements of high quality and large batch and will be phased out. The industrial concentration of cigarette label industry will be gradually increased, and the future will be a pattern of the strong and the strong

the cigarette label printing industry will have the following development trends in the future: first, the industry has entered a period of rapid integration, and the industrial concentration will be significantly improved in the next few years; Second, the demand of high-end cigarette label market will be higher than the average growth of the industry, and the sales growth of high-end cigarette label printing enterprises with competitive advantages will be higher than the average growth rate of the market

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