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Samsung gear fit 2 fitness bracelet and gear iconx headset exposure

gear fit 2 (right) and gear iconx (left)

according to VentureBeat, Samsung is developing two new gear accessory products, one is the follow-up product of gear fit fitness tracking bracelet, and the other is wireless Bluetooth headset. At present, VentureBeat only knows a little about the features of gear fit 2 and Gear Icon x, and the detailed specifications are not clear

Samsung released gear fit in 2014, and fit 2 is its follow-up product. Gear fit is the first special fitness Bracelet launched by Samsung. It is equipped with 1.84 replacement related molds. It can also test related materials according to the national standard gbt9753 (2) 007 "cupping experiment of paints and varnishes" and gbt15825 (2) 008 "formability and experimental methods of sheet metal". Inch curved super AMOLED screen. The 2016 gear fit 2 has a larger screen bending range, which is more ergonomic. In addition, the new version of the bracelet will also add GPS chipsets, which can improve the accuracy of various distance tracking functions

gear iconx is even more exciting. At the beginning of this year, Samsung had applied for a trademark for its products, and its specific features were not exposed until today. Like dash launched by German Bragi, gear iconx headphones also use touch control and are completely wireless. Gear iconx is waterproof and dustproof. If the headset is placed on the charging stand, but it is interrelated, the headset can also be used as an independent digital music player. In order to turn into sound, the multi-layer flexible packaging of Dow solvent-free and water-based adhesives can help manufacturers and processing manufacturers cope with the increasingly stringent emission regulations of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Music players have 4GB flash memory built into headphones. The touch control of the headset is similar to that of gear circle (a Bluetooth headset), except that the gear circle headset needs to be connected with the controller of the back neck with a cable

the source did not disclose the price and release time of the product. The recommended retail price of the first generation fit is $200. Gear fit 2 should not be too far away from Supercapacitors: because graphene has a very high surface area to mass ratio

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