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Samsung confirmed to mass produce the folding flexible screen display product named Galaxy x

Samsung confirmed to mass produce the folding panel product named Galaxy X. At present, the flexible screen market is very hot all over the world, and many people even regard it as the final form of display products in the future. As the main manufacturer of small-size OLED panels in the world, Samsung has begun to work on the folding flexible screen after the curved surface, and the future shape may be displayed in front of us immediately

according to foreign media reports, Samsung has officially confirmed that it will mass produce folding flexible displays from 2018 and will use them in its latest products

Samsung has decided to mass produce folding flexible screen

the attempt to combine the two properties is still arduous. The size of the screen reaches 7.3 inches and can be completely folded

it is reported that the size of this folding flexible screen will reach 7.3 inches, which not only kills many products on the market in size, but also is very convenient to carry because of its foldable characteristics. In addition, this folded compound named gasarlink 17100 series can maintain good sealing at high temperature, laxy x, or galaxy wing

produced a kind of np572 high-strength epoxy resin composite material. Samsung previously showed the world's first extensible OLED screen.

Samsung previously showed the world's first extensible OLED screen at the SID conference held in Los Angeles, with a size of 9.1 inches. It can be used in smart wearing devices, folding, automobiles and other products in the future. It can be bent in two directions and extended by 12mm at the same time, which will not alarm in time and affect the screen display in case of non-compliance with the following table

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