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In 2002, the national computer grade examination level 3 written examination sample questions (Network Technology)

I. multiple choice questions

(1) the purpose of establishing a computer network is to share resources with each other. Here, computer resources mainly refer to hardware, software and

a) mainframe b) communication system c) server d) data

(2) the difference between computer network and distributed system is mainly in

a) system physical structure b) system high-level software c) transmission media d) server type

(3) computer network topology mainly depends on its

a) resource sub-b) FD lithium hydroxide price fluctuates little Di C) communication sub-d) Metro

(4) the three elements of network protocol are: syntax, semantics and

a) working principle b) sequence C) process d) transmission service

(5) ATM network uses fixed length cells to transmit data, and the cell length is

a) 1024b b) 53B C) 128 plastic granulator operation touches on a wide range of fields B D) 64b

(6) the main goal of frame relay system design is to interconnect multiple

a) wide area B) C) local area D) atm

(7) the host network layer in the tcp/ip reference model corresponds to that in OSIRM

a) network layer B) physical layer C) data link layer D) physical layer and data link layer

(8) IEEE 802.3 physical layer protocol 10Base-T stipulates that the maximum distance from the card to the hub is

a) 100m b) 185m C) 500m d) 850m

(9 reduces its shrinkage) the method of increasing the bandwidth of the switched local area network is to establish between the switch port nodes

a) concurrent connection b) point-to-point connection C) physical connection d) data connection

(10) when a user applies for an internet account with an ISP, the user's e-mail account should include:

a) username b) mailbox C) password d) username, password

II. Fill in the blank

(1) Fast Ethernet adopts the same media access control method as traditional Ethernet, but reduces the transmission time of each bit to ns

(2) in the client/sercer working mode, the client can use to send query commands to the database server

(3) in the ATM local area simulation system, the host and network connected to the ATM network can be logically divided into several independent areas, each of which is called one

(4) in the WWW service, the URL of the unified resource locator consists of three parts, namely, host name and file name

(5) Internet firewall is generally composed of the following two natep funds that have been running for 18 months: packet filter router and

answers to level 3 written test sample questions (Networking Technology)

1. Multiple choice questions

(1) d (2) B (3) C (4) B (5) B

(6) C (7) d (8) a (9) a (10) d

2. Blank filling questions

(1) 10

(2) SQL

(3) Elan

(4) access type

(2)5) application off

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