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On April 18, "we finally signed a resignation contract". The middle-level employees of Shenzhen Samsung Electronic Communication Co., Ltd. reported to blue whale TMT that Shenzhen Samsung Electronic Communication Co., Ltd. would be revoked. Except for six senior Korean employees, all employees would be dismissed by the end of April, with a number of about 320. In this way, Samsung "abandoned" its only company producing networking equipment in China. " Jiangjianjun, deputy general manager of xin3zhou renewable resources Co., Ltd., said that

the employee complained that since April 3, all employees have been orally told by department leaders that "the company will close down and employees will be dissolved"; And, "most of the employees are production workers, and the original severance pay is not rich. Coupled with the short time, the compensation plan was negotiated at least twice during the period."

as of press time, Samsung and Shenzhen Samsung Electronic communication have not issued a written announcement on the dismissal of employees; At the same time, when calling the relevant public relations personnel of SamSung China, they learned that "relevant information has not been received yet, and they need to know from the human resources department and other departments"; Some public relations personnel of SamSung group also said that the legal person of a wholly-owned subsidiary or holding company has certain ruling power

a lawyer who was once employed by a foreign-funded listed company said that the dismissal plan of Samsung was insufficient for its employees, the time was short, and the actual interests of the labor group were not fully considered

many observers in the technology industry pointed out to blue whale TMT that although Samsung has certain advantages in OLEDs and chips, its once proud business suffered a Waterloo in the face of the competition to let us 1 understand the mysteries and mysteries among her competitors' scramble for Chinese users. Samsung's entire brand is gradually not favored by the market in China, and there seems to be early signs of layoffs. The abolition of the Shenzhen factory may indicate the transfer of Samsung's business in the Chinese market

this incident seems to be a "flight", but it is actually a "lack of motivation" in China's overall layout

nearly 320 employees were dismissed, with a total amount of more than 20million yuan

"our employees are required to 'voluntarily leave', which is actually layoffs", the employee told Lanjing TMT, "we have been profitable before, the average wage level is the same as that of the local peers in Shenzhen, and the average monthly salary is 4000 yuan/month -5000 yuan/month."

according to industrial and commercial data, Shenzhen Samsung Electronic Communication Company, formerly known as Shenzhen Samsung Kejian Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in February 2002. It was a Sino foreign joint venture invested by South Korea Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., China Kejian Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhixiong electronics, Shanghai Lianhe, with a capital contribution of 49%, 21%, 20%, 10% respectively. Its registered capital is 20million US dollars, and its main business is the development and production of CDMA products Sell self-produced products and provide after-sales technical services, as well as research and development of 3G terminal products and technologies

however, so far, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. of South Korea has become the controlling shareholder of Shenzhen Samsung Electronic Communication Co., Ltd., holding 95% shares; Shanghai United Investment Co., Ltd. holds 5%

tianyancha data shows that up to now, Shenzhen Samsung Electronic communication has eight important capital and business transformation changes:

since the business transformation in 2013, the company's business has begun to transform from production to network equipment production. It is Samsung's only overseas network equipment manufacturer, mainly producing base station terminal RRU. Previously, it was produced in the South Korean Samsung network business unit located in turtle tail, South Korea

the employee revealed that the dismissal was mainly due to the fact that the production base had been transferred to Vietnam, and the business production had also been transferred to Vietnam

it is worth noting that Samsung has established a company in Vietnam since 2015. "The Vietnamese company began to produce the same equipment as us in 2017; at the beginning of 2018, some of our business orders have been transferred to the Vietnamese company for implementation and follow-up."

"most of our employees are production workers, and it was on April 3 that we suddenly learned that the company was going to close down. The time was too short. The company did not consider the follow-up work and life of the employees at all, and has not issued a written notice or announcement." the employee disclosed to us that a preliminary compensation negotiation was conducted on April 8, and the final compensation plan was originally scheduled to be issued on April 11

blue whale TMT learned that as of April 3, Shenzhen Samsung Electronic Communication Co., Ltd. had nearly 330 employees, including 6 Korean executives. Previously, on-the-job employees directly signed labor contracts with Shenzhen Samsung Electronic communications

the employee said that the company announced the preliminary severance and compensation plan at the internal meeting on April 8, that is, the unified benchmark for leaving for another company is "n? 3", and 2000 yuan will be compensated for the length of service below 7 years, 4000 yuan for 7-10 years, and 8000 yuan for more than 10 years. If you go to brother company, the unified benchmark of compensation is n, plus 4000 yuan (resettlement fee 2000 yuan and relocation fee 2000 yuan); Employees who go to Huizhou company and Dongguan company will only be paid half a year. However, there was no progress at this meeting, and consultations will follow

"the compensation plan did not get the consent of all employees, and the employees were once ready to pull banners to protest", the employee said, "the compensation plan issued by the company is too blunt and does not consider our interests, so our employees feel very passive."

however, the struggle continued until April 17. Except for six core executives, the vast majority of employees completed the compensation procedures one after another

the final compensation plan has changed slightly in the voice of employees. The final compensation plan is shown in the figure below:

more than 300 people. According to the final compensation plan of Samsung, the total amount of severance payments involved is at least more than 20million yuan according to the estimate of the informant

it was learned that the vast majority of employees had signed an agreement on the termination of labor contracts through negotiation on April 18, and six executives returned to South Korea

on the evening of April 19, Du Changxi, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Samsung Electronic communication, undoubtedly explained the dismissal of the company in the dialogue among the company's staff

in addition, it was learned that in order to ensure the closing work of the previous order business, Shenzhen Samsung Electronic communication took anti employment measures until the closing work of its position was completed; The final date of business closure is May 30, and relevant procedures such as asset handling, industrial and commercial information change and cancellation of the company will begin from June 1

the above lawyers believe that according to the provisions of the labor contract law on the termination of the contract, the enterprise should pay one month's economic compensation for the worker's salary every year according to the number of years he has worked in the unit, one year for those who have worked for half a year but less than one year, and half a year for those who have worked for less than half a year. In addition, a written notice of 30 days in advance or an extra month's salary in lieu of notice shall be paid

the "demobilized" employees of Shenzhen Samsung Electronic communication do not comply with the legal provisions, and they are suspected of playing the law

according to the information provided by the informant, the employees dismissed by Samsung this time are mainly technical workers, the negotiation time is short, and the indemnifying party meets the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards. The case of impetuous is one size fits all; The actual situation is that when making compensation, enterprises need to fully consider the recruitment period and benefit distribution of technical jobs

in addition, some senior people in the science and technology industry believe that the Chinese market has attracted many foreign giants, including Samsung, with its huge and relatively cheap labor force, huge consumer market, continuously improving manufacturing technology capabilities, and relatively mature infrastructure. The dismissal of all employees of Shenzhen Samsung Electronic communication may be mainly due to three factors: first, the rising labor cost in China, the continuous growth of competitors such as apple, Huawei, OV and Xiaomi, the sharp decline in manufacturing profits and returns, and the compression of market share, while the labor cost in Southeast Asia, India and other countries is relatively lower; Second, in the context of China's real economy, industrial land, tax burden and resource costs are rising, resulting in low profit margins; Third, Samsung's business adjustment, which is likely to result from business transfer

business in China suffered a Waterloo, SamSung China or strategic migration

"as far as I know, Samsung has strict control over the number of employees in recent two years, among which Tianjin, Suzhou SSL and other companies have been 'only out of business' for many years." the middle-level employee told blue whale TMT, "as employees, we have felt that Samsung's business is migrating."

Samsung's layoff message is not to catch the wind and shadow. Some insiders pointed out that in recent years, especially after the change of command in 2017, it was reported that China Samsung Electronics would abolish the seven branches and the internal organization would undergo major changes; After the reorganization, the seven branches will become 26 offices, and leaders at the executive, vice president and vice president levels will become heads of offices. At the same time, layoffs are also in progress

then, once the transformation of internal organization takes place, does it also mean that the focus of Samsung's business layout in China will also shift

Samsung Electronics' 2017 financial report showed that its revenue was 239.58 trillion won, an increase of 19% year-on-year; The net profit was 53.7 trillion won, an increase of 83% year-on-year; While the consumer appliances and mobile communications business fell, and the increase in revenue was mainly driven by the storage and OLED business sectors; Compared with Q4 2016, the revenue of storage and display business increased by 54% and 51% respectively, which has exceeded half of Samsung's total quarterly revenue

Samsung Electronics' 2018 Q1 report released on April 26 shows that due to the market demand for memory chips, the semiconductor business accounts for most of the profits, and the chip business accounts for nearly 75% of the total profits. The decline in demand for OLED panels for intelligent use poses a challenge to Q2 performance growth

the above industry insiders said that the financial report data has "released" signals, and Samsung's revenue and operation focus are gradually transforming from consumer products to the supply of raw materials

a senior executive of SamSung China once disclosed to blue whale TMT that Samsung would continue to expand its investment and continue to take root in its business in China; It is unwise for the outside world to think that the "recession" of the business will have a huge blow to Samsung, because Samsung now focuses on a certain degree of development, especially the storage and OLED businesses

according to media reports, in order to win more orders, Samsung plans to spend $5.4 billion to introduce new equipment in South Korea's Qixing district and Huacheng factory to strengthen its competitiveness in semiconductor OEM; The panel industry also needs to invest heavily in the layout of larger plants to increase production capacity to meet the needs of the industry

some people in the industry believe that Samsung's layout of the Chinese market follows the strategic thinking in South Korea, not making simple investment, but extending the whole upstream and downstream industrial chain. In the future, Samsung's investment layout may focus more on extending to the upper reaches of the industry and seizing the top of the industrial chain with the most lucrative profits

in the Chinese market, Samsung was best known for its business, followed by its home appliance business. Samsung's market share has fallen since the "explosive gate" in 2016

according to the data released by strategy analytics, a market research institution, Samsung's share of China's intelligent market in the fourth quarter of 2017 has decreased from 20% to 0.8%. According to GfK data, Samsung sold 11.07 million units in China in 2017, accounting for only 2% of the market share

in the view of a senior media person who has been docking with Samsung for a long time, Samsung is a horizontally integrated industrial chain layout structure, which has a perfect layout for key components manufactured such as chips, memory, screen panels, etc. he

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