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Samsung Group has become the largest investor in Vietnam

electromechanical; Famous electromechanical expert; Electronic appliances; We have seen the great potential of this market; Market quotation SamSung group of South Korea currently focuses on developing Southeast Asian markets including Vietnam. Since 2008, Samsung's total investment in Vietnam has increased from US $630million to US $17.3 billion over a ten-year period. Samsung Vietnam Co., Ltd. has set up a total of 8 factories in Vietnam, and its total export volume in the past two years accounts for nearly 25% of Vietnam's total export volume

according to statistics, most exports of Vietnam and related parts come from Samsung. In the first August of 2019, Vietnam's exports of electronic products increased by 5.6%, earning foreign exchange of 33.39 billion US dollars

analysts believe that the main reason why Samsung chose Vietnam is that Vietnam has always been one of the most practical political and social issues in the world, which is how to suppress the stability of natural discharge. The Vietnamese government has introduced many preferential policies for foreign investors. Vietnam has a low-cost labor force, and its geographical location is also very suitable for Samsung. In addition, Vietnam is more open to the policy of transferring production lines from foreign countries to Vietnam. At present, Vietnam has become an important part of Samsung's development strategy

Vietnam is a member of ASEAN economies. Vietnam has participated in a series of new generation free trade agreements, including the comprehensive and progressive trans Pacific strategic partnership agreement (cptpp). Goods originating in Vietnam will have more opportunities to be exported to countries all over the world

according to the report of Vietnam Science and technology news, Samsung entered the Chinese market in 1992 and invested in the construction of 13 factories, 7 research centers and 45600 staff. It is another Korean funded enterprise with the largest investment in China

the representative of Samsung Electronics in South Korea said a few days ago that the production of Chinese factories had been suspended at the end of September. After continuous experiments and repeated process improvements

in recent years, China's economy is booming, labor prices are rising, preferential policies for foreign investors are gradually reduced, and domestic market competition is fierce. In order to reduce risks and avoid investing too much money in China, Samsung spent a lot of time and energy looking for factory bases in India, Indonesia and other countries, and finally chose Vietnam

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