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As we all know, sharp is one of the panel manufacturers with the most LCD patents in the world, and the LCD panel manufacturing business is also sharp's main business. In April, 2016, the future test of Fu only needed to call Sikang to spend 388.8 billion yen (about 22.4 billion yuan) to acquire sharp in Japan. After the acquisition, Foxconn announced that it would stop supplying LCD panels to Samsung Electronics

facing the sniper from Foxconn, Samsung Electronics fully implemented the famous saying "there is no forever friend, no forever enemy, only forever interest", and began to cooperate with its old rival LG Electronics

according to the Korean Herald, the center has more than 400 knowledge-based staff stations. Samsung Electronics is talking with LG Electronics about 1045 loss making enterprises, which will purchase each other's LCD panels for their TV business. It is reported that the LG LCD screen purchased by Samsung will be used in the new TV set released early next year

in addition, according to industry rumors, Samsung Electronics hopes to obtain the supply of 700000 display screens from LG, but the number has been reduced to 100000. At present, the two sides are still bridging their differences

Samsung Electronics said that at present, it is still in the process of negotiation with LG and has not signed a final cooperation agreement

as you know, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are both Korean enterprises. Because their businesses are highly overlapped, such as LCD panels, televisions, household appliances, intelligence, etc., they have always been in a state of fierce competition. If the two sides reach a cooperation agreement this time, it will be the first time in the history of Samsung Electronics to use the LCD panel of LG, an old rival

source: Yesky Tianji

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