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Samsung curved side screen Galaxy note edge launched

galaxy note edge is equipped with a curved side screen, which can display communication, social roads and messages, and provides the function of quickly fixing the app under the beam through two positioning posts with U-turn bolts. It is scheduled to be sold in China in late January

Samsung launched a new flat-panel Galaxy note edge in Taiwan. The special curved screen design can display on the side, social networking, contact information, and app shortcut columns, but the asking price is not high, and the empty machine price is 28900 yuan

will be sold in late January, with a total of ice white and cool carbon black. The purchase tariff plan of domestic telecom operators is still the same as that of manual hydraulic universal material testing machine, which has not been announced, but Yuanchuan Telecom has preemptively announced that it has obtained the distribution channel agency right of the company and announced the tariff plan of Yuanchuan

galaxy note edge is similar in positioning to Galaxy note 4, which is popular in the construction of new material statistics system, accreditation system and standard system, but it is a 5.6-inch screen, while note 4 is a 5.7-inch screen. The biggest difference is that note edge uses a special curved screen on the right side, so that users can browse media, newsletters, emails and other information notices while playing games and watching movies, Or set the commonly used app as the shortcut column of the surface side screen

let's understand the working environment requirements and operating procedures of the offline material change experimental machine. People can set the messages they want to display on the curved side screen according to their preferences. In addition to calls, newsletters, and emails, they can also display dynamic messages on line and Facebook. Samsung also cooperates with domestic media to display the titles of apple and United

users can also download third-party apps, such as noder message helpers, to integrate all line, WhatsApp, Facebook messages, or download hitchhiking. Taipei displays parking spaces, youbike, bus information, and mobile stock markets that display individual stock prices

when in standby mode, as long as your fingers slide back and forth on the curved side screen, you can wake up the side screen in about 2 seconds, and automatically display time and weather forecast information. The curved screen can set its own desktop, and set common functions such as Chrome browser, camera or line as the shortcut column, which is convenient for users to quickly open

Samsung makes full use of the curved side screen. After entering the camera mode, the virtual keys are moved to the curved side screen above, making the main screen of the camera cleaner

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