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Samsung Electronics is studying the application of quantum dot technology to micro LED TV

it is reported that the boss of Samsung TV business department said that Samsung Electronics has been studying the application of quantum dot technology to pingkuang group, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union zouxinping told Caixin how to go to its micro LED TV

at the 2018 qled TV model press conference held in Seoul, the annual output of plastic products and accessories is more than 6 million tons. Han Zongxi, head of Samsung image display business, said, "we are planning to produce and supply micro led TVs from Vietnam"

Samsung has decided to launch a 146 inch micro LED TV model, but the president of Samsung said that the maximum and minimum dimensions have not been determined

according to Han Zongxi, Sanxing will try out this new technology and material on the pedestrian overpass and announce the price in June. The company will refer to the price of its 110 inch Ultra HD TV, which was sold for $149900 (equivalent to about 940000 yuan) when it was first launched

Samsung president also said that with regard to the application of quantum dot technology in micro led TVs, high-level cutting-edge technology is needed to place quantum dots on micron sized LEDs that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Micro led requires RGB to be formed on epitaxial wafer. If quantum dot technology can be applied and productivity can be improved, cost can be saved

previously, it was rumored that Samsung planned to launch a qled TV, and Han Zongxi denied the rumor, but he said that the company had carried out a research project to combine qled and OLED technology

in addition, Samsung will launch micro ledemail:xiaoqiao in the second half of this year TV the wall

micro LED TV is a screen composed of micron sized LEDs. Like OLED, this technology does not need backlight, but uses inorganic materials. Samsung's competitor LG is applying OLED technology to its high-end TVs

it is understood that the number of patent applications for micro led by global and Korean companies has doubled in 2017

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