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Samsung Galaxy Book Ion real memory, 256g playing games, dismantling experience evaluation

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion launched this new model in 2020, equipped with the latest 512g solid state disk, 16GB memory, sharing the experience of a certain East for a period of time: it's not worth saying, it's very thin. The screen is very clear, bright and delicate! The keyboard feels good, too. The most important thing is that it has rich interfaces. There are two USB ports and 3.1 interfaces. It is so thin that there is an HD cable interface. Silver shield is very convenient to connect USB flash disk without external expansion equipment. Wireless charging is also very convenient. I have enough in my office

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I. The price of Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 2020 activity:

second bargain: ¥ 9489.00 [¥ 10599.00] activity quotation link:

1. Buy high configuration, Users only need to know a little about the experimental standards before they can skillfully use fast basalt fiber. With its excellent high temperature resistance, chemical stability, sound insulation performance (8) bricklaying, high thermal stability, environmental protection and safety characteristics, it is expected to become a new favorite of automotive materials and common software with fast speed. The qled screen is very comfortable and the picture is extremely delicate. Dachang's fingerprint recognition is certainly no problem. The recognition is very high and the response is extremely fast. The keyboard surprised me. I thought the key range was not enough, but I didn't expect it to feel very good. The touchpad is great. It's as good as MAC. The overall weight is really light, suitable for carrying around. Compared with Mac, the shell material is another kind of beauty, and the handle is also very good. Wireless charging is very practical for emergency charging of headphones and watches

2. I have always liked Samsung products. Now my child is in college, so I chose this notebook for him. My child particularly likes it. It has a thin body, delicate display, fast speed, easy to carry, and supports Samsung

3. It's worthy of Samsung. The screen is very good, better than my previous 2K screen. It's easy to unlock with its own fingerprint, and the workmanship is also very good. The keys are very comfortable and the tapping is silent. The key is that AKG's voice is also very satisfactory. There is no one with a weight of 970 grams. I just don't know whether thunder 3 can be charged with a 65W charger? Or do you need a 100W charging head

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