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Doomsday theory brings fire doomsday economy printing enterprises look for business opportunities

people laugh at doomsday, but the accompanying doomsday economy is booming, and all kinds of products crowned with the title of doomsday are selling well. A doomsday economic frenzy is raging around the world, and businesses are rushing to make enough money before the doomsday

doomsday economic frenzy swept the world

the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, collapsed in the flood, and the aircraft carrier johnstanes of the United States was carried by huge waves and crashed into the White House. The Golden Gate bridge broke in response. The film 2012's unrelenting and exaggerated handling of people's doomsday complex made it lucky to catch the first commercial ship of the doomsday industry, attracting $769million in crazy gold, In the later stage of the pilot doomsday industry, we will choose opportunities to expand capacity according to market conditions

in the United States, it is said that 3million people have already prepared for the doomsday early. For this reason, some smart businesses have played the doomsday card early. When the economic depression has not passed and the real estate market is in a downturn, doomsday shelters such as the strongest shelter in the era of nuclear war and natural caves with divine power are hot spots. It is said that the tickets for the nuclear winter shelter are US $50000 per ticket, but it is still hard to get a ticket

in the twinkling of an eye, on Taobao, doomsday tickets, doomsday equipment refuge bags, doomsday T-shirts, doomsday heaters, as long as they can match the doomsday features such as life-saving, escape, night, etc., businesses can display the banner of doomsday marketing

"2012" movie said that people can only spend 1billion euros to buy a Noah's Ark ticket to escape the disaster. However, on the e-commerce platform, tickets as low as 0.1 yuan are on sale. The guide saw in the store of a seller in Jinan, Shandong Province that the sales volume of 2012 Noah's Ark tickets in the past month has reached 15528 pieces applicable to the standard method of West German lubrication experiment (din51354). China has obtained a series of major breakthroughs in the development of high-end new chemical materials and fine chemicals. A set of price package postage is 19 yuan

the guide contacted the owner of the store. The owner said that in addition to the original ticket, a set of 2012 Noah's Ark tickets also include the UN Noah's Ark Qualification Authorization and boarding card with the seal. The production is very exquisite. The seller can print the name, gender, nationality and other information on the ticket according to the buyer's requirements, and the boarding time is displayed as December 2012, The landing site borrowed the Zhuoming Valley Wharf in Tibet, China in the film 2012

it is roughly estimated that in the past month, the ticket sales revenue of this store alone reached 295000 yuan

in addition to the hot sale of doomsday tickets, at the shopping station, a store with the largest sales of nominal first-aid equipment sells products with the theme of doomsday escape and the final carnival, including family lifelines, outdoor tourism emergency kits, earthquake disaster prevention first-aid kits, etc. Among them, the monthly transaction record of a lifeline combination with a price of 166.6 yuan -660.6 yuan reached 486; There is also a doomsday equipment refuge bag, which is 214.2 yuan. The price is not low, but many sellers have sold nearly 100

doomsday has also become a great business gimmick in booksellers. Almost since the movie 2012, all kinds of doomsday books have been popular in the world. A newspaper recently saw dozens of doomsday books in major bookstores, such as doomsday patriot, doomsday ferocity, book of ********************************************************************

selling price of 5million yuan, doomsday ark sells well all over the world

in this Obama inspection of plastic enterprises? During the doomsday Carnival of paying attention to composite materials and 3-D printing, smart Zhejiang merchants have long been drinking water. It is understood that printing companies in Zhejiang and other places began to undertake the printing of shipping tickets as early as a few months ago because of the entertainment spirit of people consuming funny goods with the concept of doomsday

it is understood that the printing fee of each ticket of Yiwu Kangzhuang Packaging Co., Ltd. is only 0.58 yuan, while the quotation of Cangnan Jinlong Printing Co., Ltd. is lower, with an order volume of 100999 pieces, 0.35 yuan each; 10009999 pieces, 0.28 yuan each; More than 10000 pieces, 0.22 yuan each

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